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'Big Brother 14' Week 4: Danielle's HoH Photos

Candid photos from inside the house during week 4.

'Big Brother 14' HoH Blog: How Many Exclamation Points(!) Did Danielle Use?

Each week the Big Brother 14 HoH blog gives us insight into the person in power. This week it's Alabama girl Danielle Murphree, and she's very!, very!!, very!!! happy!!!!

Big Brother Spoilers - It Came From the Feeds 8/8/2012

Things have been fairly quiet in the Big Brother house since the big reset and Danielle's shocking nominations, at least on the surface.  The reset did little to change the social atmosphere in the house, everybody is still either in full on game mode, or simply moping about. Yesterday morning, Mike Boogie was gloating into the feed cams to Janelle's family about sending her home.  For being the only one that supposedly didn't want back in the Big Brother game, Boogie has certainly slithered right back into the game.  The entire day was full of Janelle trying to save her butt and getting nothing but false promises.  Ashley, Britney, and Wil went from discussing giving Janelle the heads up that they were going to vote against her, to Ashley assuring her that she and Wil would definitely be voting to keep her in the house.  Janelle then makes the tactical error of trying to convince Shane to support her, he tells her in order to get his support she must also get Danielle's support. Read More...