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'Big Brother 14': Danielle holds all the power right now, but will she get double-crossed?

When the live feeds finally came back Wednesday night (Sept. 12) in the "Big Brother 14" house, a lot had happened between Danielle's Head of Household win we saw on the broadcast and where the hamsters are now. Keep reading to find out, or sign up for the live feeds to watch the Final 4 (soon to be Final 3) battle it out. Danielle won HOH and apparently has nominated Ian and Dan. We don't know her exact reasoning for nominating Dan over Shane, but it hardly matters at this point. Two people have to go up and it all comes down to who wins POV anyway. In a bit of a surprise, Danielle won the Power of Veto, keeping the power with her for awhile longer. And it sounds like she's thinking about using it. Danielle and Shane are under the impression that Ian is the target this week and she thinks it would...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Final Power of Veto?

Danielle won the most recent HoH on Big Brother 14 , but all that does is keep her safe. The real prize is the final Power of Veto competition which decides who gets to decide who gets evicted. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

'Big Brother 14' Week 9: Ian's 3rd HoH Photos

Candid photos from inside the house during week 9.

'Big Brother 14' HoH Blog: Ian Brags About the Quack Pack

For the second week in a row on Big Brother 14 , the HoH blog is written by Ian Terry . After a second double eviction he regained the power and served a second straight week as Head of Household.

'Big Brother 14' Photos: Shane and Danielle Meet the Fierce Five

From CBS: "Shane wins a luxury prize and invites Danielle to join him. They are treated to a visit with the 2012 Olympic Women?s Gymnastics Team Gold Medalists ? The Fierce Five."

Big Brother Eviction Spoilers and Rumors! The Final Four Is ...

The Big Brother feeds have gone dark until the airing of tomorrow's eviction, but that doesn't mean there aren't those in the know willing to share some details on what is going on inside the house.  As you may or may not now, today was eviction day as well as the HOH competition. This was all taped to be aired tomorrow, with Thursday being another LIVE eviction where the final three were revealed. If you've been keeping up on our Big Brother spoilers you know that Jenn and Shane were nominated, then Shane won POV and was replaced by Danielle.  For a while it was a bit confusing as to what Ian and Dan's intent was, but it was finally decided that Jenn would be voted off, subsequently Ian and Dan worked very hard to convince Jenn that she was safe and that they truly wanted to vote off Danielle.  Oops! Read More...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Was Evicted and Who is the Final 4 HoH?

The Big Brother 14 live feeds are down until Wednesday evening, but Tuesday there was a taping with a live audience for the next eviction and the final 4 HoH competition that will air on Wednesday's episode, and audience members have spoiled the facts. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

'Big Brother 14': First Final 3 member after eviction and Head of Household competition

The "Big Brother 14" house taped a show Tuesday night (Sept. 11) to air Wednesday night. Keep reading to find out what's up with your Final 4 hamsters. Or sign up for the live feeds to start watching the final few competitions play out.In what is not a surprise at all, Jenn was evicted by a 2-0 vote. So the Quack Pack stayed together and appears to be Dan/Ian versus Shane/Danielle, though the Dan/Danielle relationship does throw that off a bit. After the eviction (during which Jenn was given a PB&J sandwich during her exit interview with Julie, heh), they houseguests played for HOH -- minus Ian, of course, as outgoing HOH. And the new Head of Household is none other than Danielle. Look who can finally win something other than the pirate ship comp.So Danielle is HOH. There were no nominations made, but at this point it hardly matters. The Power of Veto holder...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Final 5 Veto Ceremony and Final 4 Predictions

The Power of Veto ceremony is more important than the nominations ceremony at this point on Big Brother 14 . With only five HGs left, things become very clear, and it's just a matter of who wins the competitions that will decide who gets evicted. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.