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'Big Brother 14': Dan and Danielle launch a devious plan

Dan is pretty much running the show in the "Big Brother 14" house -- but when has he not been, in the past few weeks? It's not too late to watch the last week play out on the live feeds, they're still pretty interesting, especially considering how few hamsters are left. Last night, the final Head of Household competition launched and after Ian dropped, Dan convinced Danielle to drop out so he would advance to the final stage. He further has launched a plan wherein he and Danielle continue to act mad at each other because of what Dan did to Shane in the POV ceremony. Ian has totally bought it, showing Danielle lots of sympathy and kindness. And she's using that to starting working on him to throw round 2 of the HOH to her so she can beat Dan in the final round and take Ian to the Final 2. She has told...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Part 1 of the Final HoH Competition Live Blog

And then there ere three on Big Brother 14 . After the shocking eviction of Shane Meaney , it's down to nurse (posing as a kindergarten teacher) Danielle Murphree, 21-year-old engineering student and super fan Ian Terry and season 10 winner Dan Gheesling.

'Big Brother 14': Final Head of Household competition underway

The battle for the final Head of Household is underway in the "Big Brother 14" house. Sign up for the live feeds and you'll be able to watch the endurance portion play out.As of roughly 11:30 p.m. ET, the feeds came back and Dan, Danielle and Ian were dangling like worms on hooks above a pool of water, which they are occasionally dipped down into, while rain pours down on them from above. It looks pretty miserable.Then every once in awhile, they are swung back and forth to bang into some walls (pictured below). Dan says on the live feeds it was 8:15 p.m. their time that they got out there, so they've only been up there about 30 minutes, as of this writing. Keep checking back for updates. All times Eastern.11:47 -- Ian swallows a bunch of water when they get dunked into the pool and almost comes off his hook. 11:48 -- Spoke...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: The Ultimate Betrayal?

Big Brother 14 has been full of big moves. There was the planned blindsiding of Frank in week 3, the ACTUAL blindsiding of Frank last week, backdooring Janelle, Ian betraying Boogie and, of course, Dan's funeral. With less than one week to the finale, the biggest move may be yet to come. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Big Brother Spoilers - Who Has Danielle Nominated and Who is POV?

After Wednesday's surprise eviction and HOH competition, it is Danielle who now holds the power to decide who will be in the bottom three when Big Brother moves into finale week. But who will she choose?  We have the surprising answers for you below. It's All About the Veto Nominations are only half of the process, as many Big Brother houseguests have declared it's actually the Power of Veto competition that counts.  Not only can those on the block take themselves down, but an ally who wins POV can also take one of the nominees down and force the HOH to substitute someone. So if Danielle were to nominate Dan and Ian, she would subsequently run the risk of being forced to put Shane up on the block.  If she put Shane up, she would probably be betting on him winning POV in order to backdoor another player.  You could say the risks are equal. So with that in mind. Danielle's Nominations Danielle nominated Dan and Ian, protecting Shane but also betting against the competition skills of Dan and Ian.  If either of them were to snag the POV, she would be FORCED to put Shane on the block and the saved nominee would most definitely vote Shane off.  Shane has been a target for some time, but his easy going attitude has helped to keep him off the block. And About that Veto Danielle's bet paid off because as it turns out, Danielle won the POV and will not be using it to take either Dan or Ian off the block.  However, could Danielle's mindful game play up to this point be for nothing?  With Shane the only person voting to evict, his vote will no doubt mimic Danielle's wishes. If Danielle is smart, she is looking at a Shane and Danielle finale, which be the best for us Big Brother fans as well. In that regard it is best to get rid of Dan, the most dangerous player, right now.  Danielle has a strange sort of devotion to Dan, though, despite being aware of his dirty tricks. If she lets him advance despite a Shane/Danielle final two deal on the grounds of nostalgia she is letting the fox into the chicken coup and could end up paying the price. Watch Big Brother tonight at 9pm ET on CBS to find out who gets evicted!