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'Big Brother 14' Video: The Final 3 on 'The Talk'

It's the finale of Big Brother 14 Wednesday night at 9:30pm on CBS, and to celebrate the final three houseguests showed up on The Talk with Julie Chen where they chatted all about coming to the end.

'Big Brother' Gets Early Renewal for Summer 2013

"Big Brother," the long-running CBS reality series, will be back for a 15th season, the network said Wednesday. The series has received an early pickup for a Summer 2013 season.

'Big Brother 14' Jury Art

The six members of the Big Brother 14 created artwork to represent their time in the house. Check out their impressive works.

'Big Brother 14' By-the-Numbers: Male Domination and More All-Time Records

Big Brother 14 was a very unusual season. At times it fell like the most boring one ever (see Frank's second HoH reign when he evicted Wil) and at other times, it was the most exciting season ever (Dan's funeral).

'Big Brother 14': Are Dan and Ian the Final 2?

The "Big Brother 14" house is winding down for the summer, but there are some big questions looming for Wednesday's live finale. Don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled, but do sign up for the live feeds to watch Danielle's complete meltdown this week.The second part of the final Head of Household competition is over and Ian has won. Dan and Danielle had pre-planned that she would lose her mind and start yelling at them and tossing around things like "taint the jury" and "if you don't take me, nobody will vote for" and whatnot, so as to possibly scare Ian into throwing the final HOH to Dan (to make Dan the one who gets blood on his hands by evicting Danielle). However, Ian doesn't really seem to be falling for it. And Danielle's meltdown is growing more genuine with every passing hour. She senses something is amiss with her alliance with...

Big Brother Spoilers - 9/17/2012 - Your Final Two Will Be ...

You can stop guessing now.  The final two has been drawn into focus, and the winner is all but a clear choice  now.  The first two contests have been played for HOH, and the winners may surprise you, or not.  Big Brother spoilers ahead. Danielle can just not get a break. Dan and Ian have each won an HOH competition and she is now out of the running for the big prize, but does she know that?  Despite being in a position to focus on Thursday's competition, Dan continues to work on Danielle.  Why?  Simple.  Dan's final evil plan is taking shape.  Despite screwing Danielle and sending Shane home, Dan has formulated a way to send Danielle into the Jury to campaign for him.  That would take an act of evil genius, you say?  Remember who we are dealing with here. Dan's plan is simple and should have been clear all along.  He continues to tell Danielle that he intends to take her to the final two, and has even been conspiring with her to try to convince Ian to throw the final contest. His goal is to convince her that he really does intend to take her to the final two, but come Thursday Dan intends to throw the final contest to Ian.  Ian is adamant that he will not bring Danielle to the final two. The trick, of course, will be making sure that Danielle does not find out that the contest was thrown.  Dan's reputation is already as low as you can get in the Jury house, but Ian is not exactly pure as the driven snow.  If it comes down to Dan and Ian, Dan knows he will need an ally on the Jury.  The choice will come down to the lesser of two evils, Dan is placing a huge wager that Danielle can successfully convince the Jury that he is, indeed, a minor Devil in the Big Brother house, but for poor Danielle ... the game is over.

TV ratings: 'Sunday Night Football' scores a big win for NBC

Fast National ratings for Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012The Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers is not the most storied matchup in the NFL, so ratings for NBC's "Sunday Night Football" were down some from the season opener a week ago. But the game still gave the network a big ratings win for the night.CBS also got a boost from the NFL as its late-afternoon game spilled into primetime, translating to bigger ratings (for now, at least) for "60 Minutes" and "Big Brother." FOX also saw its early-evening ratings jump thanks to NFL games in a handful of markets.NBC's current averages stand at 15.7 million viewers and a 9.6 rating/15 share in households, although those will likely go up some with adjustments for the live NFL broadcast. CBS (9 million, 5.7/9) took second for the night, well ahead of FOX (4.5 million, 2.6/4). ABC trailed with 3.5 million viewers and a 2.3/4.Among adults 18-49, NBC's 6.5...

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won Part 2 of the Final HoH Competition?

It's all over until the finale. Big Brother 14 has held its last competition of the season, not including the third part of the final HoH which will air live during the finale. Inside the house it's now four days of waiting. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

"Big Brother" Voting Results for September 13

CBS details the latest elimination on its summer mainstay.

'Big Brother 14': Dan and Danielle launch a devious plan

Dan is pretty much running the show in the "Big Brother 14" house -- but when has he not been, in the past few weeks? It's not too late to watch the last week play out on the live feeds, they're still pretty interesting, especially considering how few hamsters are left. Last night, the final Head of Household competition launched and after Ian dropped, Dan convinced Danielle to drop out so he would advance to the final stage. He further has launched a plan wherein he and Danielle continue to act mad at each other because of what Dan did to Shane in the POV ceremony. Ian has totally bought it, showing Danielle lots of sympathy and kindness. And she's using that to starting working on him to throw round 2 of the HOH to her so she can beat Dan in the final round and take Ian to the Final 2. She has told...