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Does Bones Discriminate??

I LOVED today's episode...mostly for Stephen Fry's guest appearance but it was also a very very good of the best this season in fact. What I did notice though was...though Dr Wyatt and Dr Sweets are both in the same profession, make alot of the same assumptions and give similar advice...Brennen gives Gordon alot more respect than Sweets. I find Sweets is a very intelligent man but perhaps Brennen considers Wyatt moreso and his profession unworthy of him. The fact that Wyatt is so good at what he does and helps alot I would think would help soften her opinion against phsycology but when she is with Sweets, she expresses the opposite, even when his input helps the case greatly. I missed the episodes where Stephen has guest starred before and am wondering...what has caused him to command such respect from Brennen?


ok am i seeing things was bones on last night weds 15th of april

Bones' Rationality Falters

This episode was not a bad one, but there was something that continuously bothered me throughout the episode: The fact that Bones was so set on informing Sweets about Daisy's supposed affair. Bones is a rational person and is continuously telling her coworkers not to jump to conclusions in the cases that they work on, yet she does exactly that when she sees Daisy trying on wedding dresses. The fact that Booth thinks that it could be infidelity makes sense because he often does jump to conclusions in his line of work, but Bones assuming that Daisy is cheating without investigating the facts makes no sense to her characterization what-so-ever. I do feel, though, that her determination and decision to finally tell Sweets was in her character. Her view on psychology and her belief that if people choose to be monogamous they should be honest, makes sense rationally, just not the way she finds out about the supposed infidelity. I don't know how anyone else feels, but it was a pretty big flaw in the writing of her character for this particular episode and I hope they get it right in future episodes.

Booth's Back-story Inconsistencies

This is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. During the first season or so, Booth made it perfectly clear that he was a Pittsburgher. There were short discussions on the topic as well as an array of Steeler/Penguins/Pirates paraphernalia decorating his office. Then suddenly, he and the other characters start claiming that he's from Philly. NOW... in the latest episode, "The Cinderella in the Cardboard", I've noticed Booth is drinking from a STEELERS coffee mug. It's getting ridiculous and driving me (as a Pittsburgher) crazy.

Dr. Saroyan has a kid now?

Ooooo! This was the cutest thing to ever happen on the show! Any thoughts? I just loved how Dr. Saroyan thought the girl had run upstairs to get away from her so she heads to leave and then the girl runs downstairs with the salt shaker! adorable!


I Love Bones! Some of the seasons are melting together in my head & I can't remember which seasons some of my fav episodes are from. Questions to other Bones fans: In which episode does Bones yell "Stop! Or I'm going to kick you in the testicles!" to the bad guy she confronted while he was running away from Booth in the alley?? I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants when she yelled that! Also, is that the same episode where Booth & Bones had a big religious discussion in the car during a stake out, or was that a different one?? Please help me out, I want to watch those again.

What day does Bones really air these days?

Last night I totally watched the new episode but I thought the show moved to Thursdays? Much happier with it on Wednesdays so I hope that means they are moving it back.

Bones vs Dexter

I really like both shows but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have Bones and her crew decipher the remains that Dexter dropped in the bay. Sure, they'd be able to figure out how he did it but would they be able to catch him? Dexter is really good about not leaving evidence, but I think it could make for an interesting cat and mouse game.

An Alternative Zack?

Even though Zack is virtually irreplaceable, if you had to choose a permanent replacement, which of the following interns would it be? • Dr. Clark Edison- Part of the defence team during Max Keenon’s trial (Yanks in the U.K.) • Daisy Wick- Sweets’ kooky girlfriend. (The Man in the Outhouse) • Scott Starret- Smart old guy which multiple careers in his past. (The Finger in the Nest) • Wendell Bray- Small town poor kid (The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond) • Colin Fisher- Perennially depressed dude. (The Crank in the Shaft) • Vincent Nigel-Murray- British guy packed full of useless information (The He in the She) or, Would you rather they continue this alternating of interns every episode.

Come Back Booth!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am very done with Agent Perotta coming in, in place of Booth. Her character is very bland and does not add a positive conflict to the show the way that Booth did. I have been trying to accept her character and get used to her, but she just annoys me. Granted there is an absence of the sexual tension between Booth and Bones, but that is not the main reason that I am annoyed. She adds an awkward and uncomfortable feeling to the relationships of all the characters and frankly is often just in the way. They are trying to make her out to be a possible addition to the team which really disappoints me. I suppose we shall see where it leads in the next few episodes. As long as they don't permanently fade out Booth, I think I will cope. If they do fade him out, they are doomed for a loss of ratings and a possible end of the show, so let's just hope it doesn't come to that.