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Come Back Booth!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am very done with Agent Perotta coming in, in place of Booth. Her character is very bland and does not add a positive conflict to the show the way that Booth did. I have been trying to accept her character and get used to her, but she just annoys me. Granted there is an absence of the sexual tension between Booth and Bones, but that is not the main reason that I am annoyed. She adds an awkward and uncomfortable feeling to the relationships of all the characters and frankly is often just in the way. They are trying to make her out to be a possible addition to the team which really disappoints me. I suppose we shall see where it leads in the next few episodes. As long as they don't permanently fade out Booth, I think I will cope. If they do fade him out, they are doomed for a loss of ratings and a possible end of the show, so let's just hope it doesn't come to that.

next episode of bones

i am loking for the privew(clip, trailer, what ever) of bones. the episode the princess and the pear. where is it.

"Hero In the Hold"

What i dont understand much is that Parker is a ghost yet he helped booth out of the sinking ship and at the end he even talked to Bones? Was Parker there to help Booth through a tough time and pay back respects? Whats going on with that, they really didnt touch much on the subject of Parker and Booth? are we suppose to understand everything more next season or something?

Zack Addy

I miss Zack! They need to bring him back. He is so cute hahhaha

what's going on?

where are all my favorites show??!!! OTH, The Mentalist, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Desparate??? What's going over there in the US? Why is there a break?


i am so fed up of the shows saying they return on a date only to pospone it without any notice they did it with criminal minds, csi vegas , csi miami jus showed the previous new episode agen i jus dont see why tv stations wont just say if its postponed can some one please tell me when the next episode of bones is on it was meant to be on last night as its now friday in the uk and im getting ticked off

So the last episode was

in November? When does the next episode air? Is it on 1x a week? I don't have TV , watch all shows online. Thanks!

Booth And Bones!!!

When Are Booth And Bones Going To Get Together ! I Think They Make A Fab Couple !!!

when when when????????????

is bones on in 5 days or in March please let me know if you know peoples of the sidereel interverse

Bones not back until March!!

Why is Bones and Cold Case not on in the US until March? It is sooooooooo annoying! I now officially hate FOX !!