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Many lost episodes...

It's very irritating that the episodes of many series such as bones, house md, supernatural and prison break are not on air every week. especially for those who don't live in U.S.A. like me, it was hard to find out when a new episode would de released. Every time i was't sure if where was no new episode or it just was not released in my country yet. Now with the sidereel it is really easier, but why is that happening? Is it going to stop?

episode 8 serie 4

hello! does anyone can tell me when will be available episode 8? thank you!!

New Script Writers? Wake up. The strike is over.

So what's up with the writers for Bones? As someone who has watched my videos of the last three season at least a dozen times, I can honestly say the writers were awesome in those seasons (with the noted exception of season three's last episode.) The way Booth and Bones worked cases, actual investigations took place. Now it seems like the writers are concentrating more on the relationship between the two. Well if they can't do both I would definitely rather have the relationship the way it was and have Booth and Bones actually solving the case through investigation. . .Not the "Oh gee, that's who did it" abrupt endings. Did the writers get rusty or lazy after their strike?

Does anyone know the song playing near the end of The He in the She?

I would like to check it out but can't seem to find out the name. Can anyone help?


Argh!!! It was just here a while ago... where did it go? :'(

T.J. Thyne looks like young Stalin

So I was on the train and saw this girl opposite me reading a book. I thought it was a biography of TJ Thyne, but was mistaken! It had red writing that says 'Young Stalin'. I couldn't believe it, so I looked up in the Internet and really found that they do look alike. Look at the pretty pictures below... Anyone else think so?

Bones and Booth

Who thought that this was a perfect B&B episode? I mean, the masturbation thing was....funny, and yet it was like a...IDK, invatationish? I can't find the right word... But anyway, also at the end where he finally lets her fix his back and where he pulls her book out of the trash can and starts quoting her critics. Also, I thought it was odd that he kept defending her, I mean it was sooooooo B&Bish, but still, it was like he was waving a red flag and singing "I love Temperance Brennan." Who agrees with me?

what is the name

hey I would like to know if there are someone who know what is in songs S4aE4 states also The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pon. hope that there are some who want to help me:) I hope I understand what I write is not the best of English:)

Does anyone else miss Dr. Goodman...?

I know its hectic with all the new gradstudents going on and off the show and Zach being there one day and not there the next, but I kind of wish they'd bring back Dr. Goodman. He left kind of abruptly to make room for Cam but I miss his character (ie "Go polish a bone, Mr. Addey"). Just wondering if anyone else feels the same.

Oh Wendell...

Does anyone else want Wendell to come back? I feel like they delved enough into his character that I want to know more! The writers showed us his human side through his panic over losing this job, and the quirky thing about his father. Angela was saying how it takes some getting used to to really understand how the place works and I think that could be a fun addition to the show. Also, he and Angela had a cute moment, maybe she could rebound with Wendell (but she needs to end up with Hodgens no matter what happens now) setting off all his insecurities about losing his job again. I don't know, but I am upset that he isn't coming back. That was mean of them to make us like him and then take him away (I didn't see previews for next week so maybe all this ranting is for nothing?)!! What do you think?