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I love BONES!

I wish Brennan and Booth would get together but it makes the show so much better if they don't. ALL IN ALL !!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Stuck-on Smile

This season, many have dissed Bones and many have supported it. Some have said that this season may have been their worst and that they have kind of fallen with the story line. While others have agreed stuck by it and have said that it was going to get the ball rolling soon. For me? Every time the show comes on I have a smile plastered on my face because i cant believe i made it all summer without killing myself with anticipation. I haven't paid attention to the writing because i am so excited to see what happens that i basicall forget about it. I do have to say, its not as good of writing for which i know the show can have. I frankly am glad that they didn't start the season off with a huge bang. I am looking forward to what will happen and am holding the creator Hart Hanson up to his word in seeing Booth and Bones together, though it may be a dream sequence. So forget about how the season started and start wondering how its going to go this season on the storyline of Booth and Bones and now the unexpected twist in the Hodgins/Angela story.

does anyone no what day new episides are posted on this!!??

thanks!!! =)

Bones and Booth?

ok so this is driving me insane! I want Booth and Bones to get together! if you ask my opinion bones is completely blind if she doesn't realize that booth is in love w/ her! Today's episode was amazing like always would it ruin the show or make it better? i can't really decide but i think it would be for the better i love them both and they sooooooooooooooo should get together i loved it when Bones was describing a perfect man and Booth totally has all those qualities!!! ahhhhhhhhh i want them together


it now on fox s04e01 2 hour premiere just started

My apologies

Just so you all know I am sorry for writing such a revealing title for the last episode of Bones. 'Porcelain', I'm sorry you took it so personally but I was not trying to deliberately spoil it for everybody as you suggested in the bottom of the post I wrote and I would like to thank you for getting it off the page despite ironically less than tactful titles.

Season 4 Episode Contains Trojan...

Just a heads up, there is someone that keeps posting an episode in Season 4 that says that you need to go get the newest version of Adobe Flash. That version doesn't exist, and downloading it (even if you don't install) will download an IMPOSSIBLE Trojan. Stay away from this. :-/ Just wanted to give people a heads up. It's called the Vundo.VHA trojan.

Bones and Booth ?

when are bones and booth going to get it on already like god hahah ! all they had was the kiss. it wasn`t that steamy either. i want them to have like a "one night stand" drunken or not and then like have them being awkward as hell around each other haha that would be funny. but eh what do you guys think should happen between them? we all agree they should get it on though :P RIGHT!


when is the next season of bones coming out??? I hope bones nd booth get togerther!!...perfect for each other!!

What's with all the spoilers?

I've been quite enjoying watching Bones, but I still haven't watched all of the thid season. This is too bad for me because as I scroll down this page to get to the episode links I am pretty much forced to learn the following: "Zach is a psycho killer" "We Haven't Seen The Last Of Zack Addy" "Zack Addy, was a murderous associate of the serial killer Gormogon." "obviously they now have to replace Zack" "WHY Zack was written off the show?" "Zack was working with Gormagon" "is Zack is still going to be a character on the show, and if he's not then who's going to be his replacement?" Like I said, I haven't watched all of season three, but I'm pretty sure Zack turns out to be a bad guy. Is there any way we can modify this site with spoiler warings so that interested people can still have these ypes of discussions, but those of us who haven't seen the episodes yet don't have our viewing experience, well... spoiled?