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how the heck do you watch it?

I see no 'play' button, and clicking the search for episodes button just leads to external links!

Wizard Wars: Nominate your Fav Wizards for Battle! - Featured

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Whats with season 3 and 4 Transition?

i was wondering what was goin on the last episode of season 3 and the first episode of season 4 they dont add up its like im missing sumthin ...i know the show is really old but maybe sumone can fill in the blanks for me


Charmed, Season 8 Episode 9

Short Charmed Music Video

For all the charmed fans out there, check out this music video. I think its awesome, and although short probablly the best one ive seen.

Piper was engaged?

I was watching the episode of charmed Season 5 episode 18 Cat house (where leo and piper first get councelling) and Paige is asking phoebe questions about piper and phoebe when they were younger and they mention Piper being engaged before leo..and say it was to dan which is wrong they were never engaged. any ideas??


i'm have been looking for the wedding of piper and Leo but cant find it dose anyone know what season it is in and if there is some where i can watch it???

we love it!

thanks for everything

Charmed 3x12

can anyone find Charmed 3x12 wrestling with demons please i really want to watch it but cant find it xx


I can't find barely any Series 7 episodes and they are the good ones! I can find most of them, but they are all in foreign languages!