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hay Jubilee8259, thanks for sorting out the links do u have season 8??? and are you 4rm the U.S? cos i have bin begging people to upload Alyssa's film on lifetime thats on 2day!!!


Hey everyone don't get upset because i found a website to watch charmed (looking for two hours) if u want it email me at

alyssa milano Wisegal (2008)

hi, would anyone from the US be able to upload this movie??? it will be on life time on the 15th of march @ 9pm...i really want to see this film

Whats going on????

None of the dam links are working and its starting to get on my nerves! sort it out!


I just found 3x02 Magic Hour on YouTube and added the links. Thank you carolinesph from Brazil!!


Hey .. im kinda wonderin is there actually season 9 .. cuz i saw alot of teasers and introz for it ??? "PLZ SAY YES ... PLZ SAY YES" XD

OHHH .. my bad

Oh ,, ya they do .. now i know y they didnt.. its cuz i was download like 8 parts in one shot :P thnx anywayz :-)

Need Help

Hi I'm looking for the episode when the charmed ones became goddess I can't seem to find it anywhere can I please get some help on this matter.

CAUTION! Missing Episodes!

Im making a list of all missing episodes, i hope someone will be able to find these episodes where i have failed. Heres the list. Season 1 Completed Season 2 Completed Season 3 Episode 01 - The Honeymoon's Over Episode 02 - Magic Hour Episode 03 - Once Upon a Time Episode 06 - Primrose Empath Season 4 Episode 17 - Saving Privete Leo Season 5 Episode 10 - Y Tu Mummy Tambien Episode 22 - Oh My Goddess Part One Episode 23 - Oh My Goddess Part Two Season 6 Completed Season 7 Completed Season 8 Completed I Do Hope someone will fill in the gaps.

season 8

most ef season8 episodes are on youtube in parts i found all of them but like 2 so if you really want to watch look there