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Episode Names

After looking at a few episodes I have realized the episode names are Led Zepplin song titles. Cool, Zepplin Rocks!

Which Character Are You Excited to Learn More About?

USA Network's Covert Affairs is full of fun actors playing interesting characters. With episode four, No Quarter, just around the corner, anything's possible. Characters haven't yet been fully introduced to us, but who are you most interested to learn about? Annie Walker (Piper Perabo of Coyote Ugly fame) - the leading lady: CIA trainee turned super agent? Arther Campbell (Peter Gallagher, known for his eyebrows... and performances in the OC and Mr. Deeds)- the director of Clandestine Services Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham of Ugly Betty)- the blind agent who shows Annie the ropes Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek, aka Amber [aka "Cutthroat Bitch"] from House) Annie's unsuspecting sister, who tries to keep her grounded Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramamurthy, mostly known as Muhinder from Heroes)- the mysterious agent who was assigned to the Domestic Protection Division Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett of "24")- director of the DPD and wife of Arther Campbell Truth is, I've been waiting for an actor named Oded Fehr to show his face. He was all over the commercials leading up to the pilot, and we've yet to meet him. Cross your fingers for Episode Four.