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Season 1

When i play season 1 episode 11 (truth be told) it plays episode 12. Episode 12 doesn't play episode 11 so umm help? Seems like there's a missing episode.

Why Does Dexter Kill Those Who Understand?

I was just thinking it over and it seems that Dexter kills everyone that comes close enough to see who he really is. He killed his brother, who was him but darker. He killed Lila... well she really needed it. But! She did understood him, and even appreciated it. Well... Yeah, just thought I'd point it out, you know?

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dexter having a child

come on did anybody see the ending of our fathers i was laughing my head off. dexter becoming a father this surely cant be hes not father material he wouldnt survive this is too funny who agrees

SideReel Crime Week: Favorite Crime Shows

This week on SideReel we're featuring a sampling of TV crime dramas, from the past ( Twin Peaks , The Sopranos ) to the present ( Dexter , Life , Prison Break ). So...which crime drama - past or present - is your favorite, and why? Please share in the comments!

Books vs. series

It's amazing to me that there isn't one discussion on here about how the books compares with the show... I mean, it is the foundation of the overall plot line!... I think that the first season was as close to the book as it could be, without having to make all of the plots go on forever (meaning they had to ad some things like Angel's domestic problems and Rita's ex)... but the second season has very little to do with the second book (except for the hole Doakes thing), which only bothers me because Dexter is given too many feelings and therefore becomes a little too human in my opinion. In spite of that I loved the fact that Dexter was the one under investigation! I do, however, miss the irony of him becoming engaged to Rita in the books, which I find hilarious... But give your opinion: Should the series have kept more to the books? (By the way don't kill me if the grammar and spelling is wrong, since English is not my native language)

love this site

first series just finished airing here and loving the fact that i can watch the whole series 2 at my own leisure. kudos to this site. also lila is the worst thing to happen to this show.guessing they wanted to show more boob and julie benz wasn't willing cos they could have found a better character to threaten dex

annoying lila

does anyone else find that lila chick reeeally annoying? i'm only half way through the second series so i'm hoping she'll die off or something soon because GOD she is irritating

Season 3

Is there a 3rd season of Dexter? iF YES, When is it coming? Thank You!


@camblam yeah same thing happened to me when I started watching The O.C, I knew from the beggening that marissa would be killed off... kinda sucked people should really watch out when writing, or maybe warn that the next thing theyre gonna write are spoilers