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This show is so fresh to deff

Dexter is the tightest crime scene show out there, better than your CSI's, Law and Orders, and Cold Case. I'm kind of mad that they killed of Doakes. Without Doakes, who's going to be Dexter's adversary. Plus he was funny. Can't wait to see what they come up with for season 3!

Dexter season 3

Does any one know when season 3 airs? i know it will this year, but will it be affected by the lame writer's strike? I CANNOT WAIT!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ITS GONA BE SOOO GOOD! xx


I agree this is a new point of view. And relates to many peoples personalitys. I dont mean ur the completely the same as him. But.. For example: Do you ever get those times when people tell you things, and share with you, and you just seem to not care, i mean you care about the person, but you dont feel anything when they are telling you. hey know when the next season is coming out? leave me a comment on my profile.

Re: I'm Addicted!

I hear ya. It's so good, I feel almost guilty. Gotta watch the original though. Dexter and CBS are like polar opposites in my opinion... B

Original, clever and witty

I am gratified to see more offbeat shows making it on tv in the united states. I watched the dexter episode out on the cbs link as i don't have showtime, so i have since been coming here to catch up. I love the show's premise and characters and am looking forward to seeing a new season.

Dexter on CBS

Just to clarify for all of you that are asking, CBS is airing Season 1 of Dexter - which is new for some - but obviously repeats for others. It is still not known when Season 3 will be starting on Showtime.

Great shit.

I think this show is highly intelligent. The way Dexter was raised by his foster father to channel his emotions. The fact that he works for the Miami Metro PD is just ironic to me. The opening sequence is so fantastic as well! Even though I freak out every time I hear him shaving. I just think it's great to finally have a character like Dexter that knows he isn't normal, but still tries his best to fit in, even though he knows he can't.

When will be ... season 3

I just love that show. I'm so surprised by Michael C. Hall ... amazing actor So all I have to do is to deal with my impatience and make sure I don't kill anybody in the process ... !