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"The hungry man"'s revelations

An absolutely exciting episode of Dexter this week and a high point for the season! Dexter has gotten right in with Trinity's family and discovers all is not as rosy behind closed doors as he first thought. There were some very, very dramatic scenes when Dexter joins the Mitchells for Thanksgiving dinner after he promised Jonah he'd be there. Jonah had damaged his car and was clearly frightened of his father - rightly it transpires when Arthur breaks Jonah's finger as punishment. Turns out Trinity/Arthur is as much a monster at home as he is when he's out killing people. The dinner turns ugly and we get the most gripping and exciting scene of the season, and one of the best of the entire series, when Trinity attacks his own son. Dexter, having come a long way emotionally since season 1, lets his emotions take over and he grabs Trinity to prevent him strangling Jonah and drags him into the kitchen where his own inner monster reveals itself.. The incredible tension make this episode one of the best in the last season!

Dexter - Hungry Man

Dexter's Hungry Man episode - Is this the best episode yet?

Dex is slipping

First Quinn is becoming Doakes 2 then Dex kills an innocent man... well innocent seemed like a stretch to me, I would have guessed that he probably had something to do with the deaths from what he was saying, maybe not specifically the last girl but maybe some before and what the hell is with Trinity the guy is so bipolar though I guess not out of place for a serial killer, wonder who the coffin's you think he'll take his own family next or maybe go after Dex?