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Joss's Shows Involving Girls As The "MAIN CHARACTER"

I've always been into the girl power shows. My all time favorite show of Joss is Buffy the vampire slayer. It is that show that makes me realize that WOMEN KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS. I hate the fact that Joss's baby Dollhouse had to end in 2 season , and that seriously blows. I'm simply in love with Eliza Dushku , but i freaken sick and tired of her shows being canceled. All i know is i'm really hoping Joss makes another show with Eliza Dushku , BUT THIS TIME NOT WITH FOX.

how caroline came to dollhouse

if my memory serves in season 1 episode 7 "echoes" it shows us caroline and her boyfriend trying to take down a facility. isnt after he dies she goes to the dollhouse. im very confused.

Dollhouse frustration!!

When Dollhouse first aired I absolutely loved the concept. The whole idea of people being able to reprogram the human mind to think new ideas well....completely blow my mind. I have always been one of these people that is fascinated with the workings of the mind so dollhouse became one of my favourite shows...that is until now! In my view season one was great the casting was spot on and the writers had a good balance of real and make believe. I felt the writing was so good that you could almost believe that the dollhouse or say something like it really existed in what we call the real world. However now that Fox are pulling the plug on what could have been such a fantastic long running series I can help but feel that the writers have taken it one step to far. For me the whole "this could really be happening" has been lost in this desprate need to bring the show to a close. I'm sad to say I feel that the writers of season 2 have lost what dollhouse was really all about. Of course I still watch it but I cant help but feel frustrated because I know there where so many better story lines they could have run with. Anyhow I wont be to bothered when its gone now. In my view they didn't just bring the dollhose down they tore it down!

SideReel's This Week on TV (12/14/09) with Kendra & Rachel - Featured

Check out what's new on TV this week, what holiday specials are on, and which of your favs are off for their holiday breaks. Also, with the big holiday breaks for most shows, it's the perfect time to play TV catch-up! kendra and RachelL share what shows they'll be catching up on and what they recommend you check out and catch up on as well! Watch it now: SideReel's This Week on TV (12/14/09) You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. We'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback about the week in TV, SideReel's new video podcasts, and whatever else you have to say, so leave it all in the comments below!

Dollhouse Returns! Then Ends. How Should the Series Wrap Up? - Featured

This winter's Dollhouse return is bittersweet: we get the excitement of all new episodes after a break, but also in that break we learned that this is the end for Dollhouse. FOX is coming through with their promise of airing the 13 episodes planned, so there are 9 episodes left after those already aired this season. We'll get 2 episodes at a time starting Friday and through the rest of December, then in January, 1 episode will be aired a week through the 13th and final episode... ever. Despite the huge fan outcry to save Dollhouse last season when it seemed Dollhouse wouldn't get renewed, it seems the fan feelings have shifted now to feeling okay with the cancellation, as long as they get a proper ending to the show. So, Dollhouse fanatics, what should that proper ending be? Should the dollhouse be shut down once and for all? Do you hope Echo and the other dolls find some happiness beyond their previous lives or do you hope they can go back to their old lives? How about all the dollhouse workers and handlers - what should become of them? And with all that - what do you want the overall climatic point to be to this short-lived show? Share your hopes and predictions below! Don't miss the 2-hour return of Dollhouse Friday on FOX at 8/7c including guest star Summer Glau: Preview Season 2, Episodes 5 & 6 Image courtesy of spoilertv.com

SideReel's This Week on TV (11/30/09) with Kendra & Rachel - Featured

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Which Night Would You Prefer To See Dollhouse Aired?

As most of you know by now, the future of Dollhouse is in serious jeopardy due to low viewer ratings on Friday nights. Right now, the outlook is grim even for a back nine episode order for the second season, let alone a third season. However, many devoted fans are writing letters, signing petitions, and starting campaigns in the show's behalf, so there is still a ray of hope. Personally, as a last effort to make my voice heard, I am drafting a letter to send to the president of FOX network. As no doubt many of you agree, I feel Dollhouse would have much higher viewer ratings if it were not aired in the Friday death slot. This is going to be a main topic in my letter, and I would like to back this up with some real opinions. So for those of you reading this, what I would like you to do is comment back as to which night you would like to see Dollhouse aired and, if possible, with which FOX network show you would like to see it paired. This way I can get a feel for what real fans of the show would like to see happen, and not feel as though I am just basing everything I say off my thoughts alone. Thanks in advance, everyone! I would personally like to see Dollhouse aired on Tuesday nights, with the best pairing probably being Fringe. What are your thoughts?

New to watching DollHouse

Hi im a newbe to the series of dollhouse and ive watched 8 episodes of season 1 and is loving it im totaly hooked on it. I thinking all the charcters are great and the story is amazing. It gets u wonder is this how our furtura is going to be, Anyway i jsut wanted to share my feelings on it and can't wait to watch more.

where is episide 4 of Dollhouse season 2 ?

seriously? they said it gets 13 episodes, and #4 should have aired already... where is it?

Ratings Up for "Belle Chose"

I read that the ratings for Friday's episode, "Belle Chose", were up 20-25% from last week! This is good news and let's hope we can continue to improve upon this figure! The next episode will be in two weeks, but looks to be great as it will showcase the story on how Sierra became a doll. Then in three weeks, Summer Glau joins the cast. So it looks like there are many good things to come! So, keep watching Dollhouse and tell your friends to watch, too!