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Ballard's Relationship with Women

Ballard has been a bit of a puzzle for me, there is his obsession with Echo, at some point I believed that he was in love with Caroline, but I think this steadfast view has been confused. He's not really sure what she is and what to do with her. He seems less attracted (butt not less interested in) to her now that she's demonstrated such a strong sense of free will despite the trappings put on her as a doll. She seems to have become less of a project but a tool. This seemed increasingly evident when Ballard bought Mellie's freedom instead of Caroline's. Ballard was into Mellie, she was submissive, but not helpless like Echo and the lost Caroline. She wasn't too delicate for him to be sexually involved with her, something I could never see happening with Echo/Caroline. I'm wondering if we're ever going to delve further into Ballard's past and his issues. There is a broken quality about him, something I'd like to explore but isn't necessarily a priority within the series. Anyone have thought's on Ballard's relationship with the women in his life? I don't really have any thoughts on him and Adele, or perhaps Dr. Saunders. Anyone care to weigh in?

Save Dollhouse on Facebook

For those of you who are members of Facebook (because who isn't, right?), a new cause has been set up using the Causes application called Save the Dollhouse. I would like to urge all Facebook users who are fans of Dollhouse to join the cause at this link: . If this link doesn't work, go to and from there you can type Dollhouse into the Browse Causes section. What I like about this page is the creator has provided information on how to email FOX with our thoughts of why we wish to have Dollhouse continue, as well as concerns with the current time slot and minimal promotion. An email address is provided (Sidereel won't let me post it here, so go check it out!) to send our letters, as well as a sample text that can be used (though I feel it would be more beneficial for each fan to write his/her own personal letter to show we have all taken the time to think about why we want Dollhouse saved). You can also become a fan of Dollhouse on Facebook at , or simply type Dollhouse into the search bar on top. I feel that we, as fans, should show support for Dollhouse in any way we can, and joining these pages is an easy way to show support. Most importantly, I urge everyone to check out the information on emailing FOX!

Low Vewings?

I just want to ask if anyone knows if the 2 million viewers count is including the people who watch it on hulu or other online sources. I personally don't have a T.V so I watch all my shows online including dollhouse. Is this whay all my shows are being canceled cause no one watches them on TV and where do they get these numbers?

On The Edge Of Cancellation !

Dear Fox For You Have Sinned, I personally think DOLLHOUSE is an amazing show with great potential, but what i can't stand is the fact that it is on a FRIDAY! Why not just shot me in my head, and what was FOX thinking! I saw the premiere of dollhouse (season 2), and DAMN it blow me away :D This wonderful SHOW must go on!!! The thing that broke my heart into one million little pieces was that it have only 2.5 million viewers. I can't do it alone, so common people WATCH DOLLHOUSE every Friday... Leave your T.V. on that channel i don't care... Just help us save this show! Its created by Joss Whedon for god sake! Also, Fox needs to advertise DOLLHOUSE more! SO COMMON JOSS WHEDON FANS!!! I'm only one voice, but I'm hoping my voice MADE IT CLEAR.

Dollhouse Season 2, Episode 1: Was the Season Premiere Hot or Not? - Featured

Okay, don't just judge the hotness of Eliza Dushku here. Well, go ahead, but also weigh in on if you thought the Season 2 premiere, ' Vows ' was hot or not! Dollhouse got a lot of love last season to support it as it was on the edge of cancellation, but now that it's safe (for now), did you find the show as awesome as the fascinating first season? After watching the new season premiere, did you find that the plot actually wore out its uniqueness last season, or did it show this season still has a lot to give? Sound off in the comments! Miss the premiere? Catch it now: Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere: 'Vows'

Dollhouse - New HQ Promo Poster Featuring Echo

Dollhouse - New HQ Promo Pic Featuring Echo

Epitah one on sidereel.

i was wondering if someone will put epitah on on sidereel. i hope they will.

Dollhouse - Unanswered Questions Remain

I was sad to note that in the season finale of Dollhouse, there was no burning cliffhanger which means that it could just as easily be a series finale. (-sad face here-) Despite this possibility, several unanswered questions still remain: What made Echo and Alpha "evolve" whereas the other dolls seem to remain in their primitive state, so to speak? Why is Ballard so obsessed with Caroline? If Dr. Saunders is a doll, what is the significance of the suggestion she made a few episodes back to allow the dolls to retain closure in their lives? If she was a doll, would she not need closure too? Who ELSE is a doll? (Topher???) --- What do you guys think? Will we find the answers to our questions in a second season?

Season Finale - Were you blown away?

Echo is implanted with several personalities, Alpha is still on the run without Echo. Dr.Saunders has joined the lengthy Doll list... Some believe that we're right back where we've started, but we've learnt more than the pilot had to offer. **We could finally put a face to Alpha. **Mellie a.k.a November, Victor, Dr. Saunders were revealed to be dolls. **Ballard has officially joined the Dollhouse. **We now understand Alpha's obsession with Echo and why she survived the slaying. **Victor and Adelle have a little thing going on, so there is a soft side to her shell. **...and well, anyone could be a doll. What about you? Did this feel like a finale episode for you? Do you want Dollhouse to end? How much do you like Alpha now? **Lexa**

Dollhouse blows the mind

Finally, after a series of dull, nostalgic episodes, Dollhouse gives full treatment on 'Omega'