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Now This Is The Entourage I Like (Season 6, Episode 8)

The season started off very slowly, and apart from the interaction b/w Ari & Lloyd, I really didn't see a reason to watch the show. It started getting back into the swing of things w/the golf tournament episode, and has been building up steam since then. Now, in The Sorkin Notes, the show has finally hit its stride. This is the show I fell in love with. This epi had the pacing, the comedy, interesting plot, and laid back camaraderie b/w the gang that made it so popular. I enjoyed watching this epi, and I'm glad the boys are back.


Its getting good again

Help please

Can someone plese tell me why I cannot watch anything? What am I doing wrong here?

Entourage Returns: What's your Favorite Season? - Featured

Entourage returns for its 6th season Sunday! With so many seasons of ups and downs for the Entourage crew, especially this past season of many downs, we want to know what your favorite season has been with the gang! Did you love Season 1 with Vince as a big rising star living the Hollywood dream with his buddies, the Season 2 and 3 days of "Aquaman" glory, then great "Medellin" hope? Or maybe you prefer the Season 5 days of utter failure for all but Turtle (in the love field anyway), that brought some real struggles, yet humor and more of that excellent friendship-building we all know and love? Comment below sharing your favorite season of all, and feel free to speculate on the fate of the brand new 6th season as well!

About Ari

I'm new to Entourage and am trying to figure out the characters. Ari seems like a fast talking a$$hole with a sensitive side. In 5 seasons has he ever cheated on his wife and do you think he ever would in the future?

Discuss: Favorite Member of the Entourage - Featured

In honor of our week featuring shows we're missing (that are currently on hiatus)...let's talk Entourage , which we haven't seen the likes of since last November. Mainly...who is your favorite member of the entourage...and why? Entourage returns to HBO this summer. No official return date has been announced yet.

When Will Entourage Return???

I am a big fan of Entourage! My favorite character is Ari, of course he is a lot of people's favorite character! Anyways, I was just wondering when the new season of the show will air. Does anybody know?

Sopranos meets Entourage

What do you guys think of Meadow dating Turtle on Entourage? When I first saw this season and realized that Turtle was dating the young lady from The Sopranos, I could not believe it and they say the both of them are actually dating for real off screen. Isn.t that something? Also, what happen with the guy committing suicide that played the love interest of the gay hitman on The Sopranos?


WOW WTF HAPPEND IN THAT EPISODE? think vince was actually shit ? or does the director just have his head up his ass? maybe the stink of medellin still surrounds vince.. ? I dont know but I cant tell wtf is happening to the guy or where the hell his career is headed..

What does Ari say?

In this last epsiode, my girlfriend and I laughed so hard when Ari called Babs a nasty twat and made that impression of her. I have played it back many times and can't make out what he says after "i can't make any promises". His impression of her is classic, but what did he say?