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Characters We Love to Hate

Yahoo TV has a fun feature listing those characters on TV shows that are dastardly and evil, yet we love 'em anyway. Here's the full feature: When Good is Oh So Bad The list includes: 1. Janice Dickinson ( The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency ) 2. Ari Gold ( Entourage ) 3. Benjamin Linus ( Lost ) 4. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf ( Gossip Girl ) 5. Amanda Tanen and Marc St. James ( Ugly Betty ) 6. Gaius Baltar ( Battlestar Galactica ) 7. Andrea ( Samantha Who? ) 8. Devon Banks ( 30 Rock , played by Will Arnett) 9. Pete Campbell ( Mad Men ) 10. Brian Darling ( Dirty Sexy Money ) Who's your favorite baddie? Who do you think is missing from this list?

25 Greatest TV Characters

Here is a little list I cooked up of the 25 Greatest television characters (in my opinion)... at least the characters that make me keep watching television: 1) Ari Gold - Entourage 2) Juliet Burke - LOST 3) Michael Scott - The Office 4) Hawkeye Pierce - MASH 5) Josh Lyman - West Wing 6) Creed Bratton - The Office 7) The Janitor - Scrubs 8) Tobias Funke - Arrested Development 9) Andy Botwin - Weeds 10) Desmond Hume - LOST 11) Sam Seaborn - West Wing 12) Chandler Bing - Friends 13) Perry Cox - Scrubs 14) Charlie Pace - LOST 15) Commander Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation 16) Chuck Bartowski - Chuck 17) Ben Linus - LOST 18) James Wilson - House 19) Michael Bluth - Arrested Development 20) Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I. 21) George Feeny - Boy Meets World 22) Johnny Drama - Entourage 23) Josiah Bartlett - West Wing 24) David Brent - The Office (UK) 25) Debra Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond

Ari is a FOOL!!!!

How in the hell do you pass up an opportunity like the one given to him in this episode. Season 5 Episode 8 "First Class Jerk" Totally unbelievable!!! I think that if Ari would have taken the job, everyone, even Drama would have gotten work!!! Don't you guys agree???

Ep 6 - Did anyone notice...

that the same girl walks behind Drama like three times when he and Turtle are by his car. She even walks in front of the camera when Turtle drives away.


can someone please tell me.wich episode bow wow is in..when he is playing the sex scene

Shows Where Music Plays a Role

EW has assembled a list of 15 shows where they consider the music to be a "costar" (as in, takes on an important role). They include: The O.C. The Hills Entourage Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy Swingtown The L Word Greek One Tree Hill Miami Vice Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Felicity Veronica Mars Dawson's Creek Any shows missing from this list? One addition for me would be Scrubs , which I can only assume Zach Braff has contributed to musical selections because they frequently sound straight off of the Garden State soundtrack. Also, for the record, EW mentions "How to Save a Life" as being prominent in Grey's, but that song was actually featured first in Scrubs! I remember it distinctly. Also, who finds it interesting that the vast majority of shows where music is viewed to be prominent is in shows geared towards young people? via EW


In the first couple of seasons, Ari had 3 children right? In season 5 it seems he only has 2? Am i right?



season 5

must watch guys ...insane start to the new episode!!!

Entourage is awesome!!

Entourage is awesome!! Kudos to writers, producers n actors and of course HBO for an excellent tv show track record. Loved Sopranos, SATC and 6f under and now THIS. Many Thanks Sidereel.