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Someone we know?

I'm thinking Nathan might be in the ship. Your thoughts?


does any one know if this show is going to be on again i cant find any thing to say otherwise

Did I miss something?

Where is Taggert? I know watched all the episodes. I figure I must have missed something during a bathroom break or something because I have no idea where he is?

Weres Ep 6?

ts always episode 6... always i can't find Heroes Episode 6 on my computer... and Eureka.. someone please help

I cant believe it!!

I`m so shocked!! One of my favourite episodes by far, I hope everything works out ok!!! Jo is HOT!!!


Someone explain to me what happened at the end of Season 3 Episode 2. The business woman saw something in the video she was watching as was shocked. But i am totally confused at what she saw! Explain!!

Seeds to its own destruction

Eureka was a amazYing show when i first started watching. However, each season has such a long gap between them, it seems to be dying out on its own. The stories are good, but seasons need to be longer.