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When is the 14th episode going to be posted???


Real Romances for "Trophy characters"?

Glee is catchy and feel-good and all the things a good musical sort of TV show should be, but the real reason I keep watching is because I have this sense like it has real possibilities to do something no other show of its kind has even tried, and that's to give REAL roles to the trophy characters. So many times I see stories like this fall into the stereotypes- gay boy, spunky black girl, wheelchair kid, and stuttering asian can't break out of their roles and have real interactions. When I started watching the show, I was aware that in this hormonnally overdosed environment, the only people that any of these characters could possibly fall for is another member of the trophy club. Lo and behold, Mercedes developed a thing for Kurt, and Tina and Artie had their thing. Why can't one of them develop a relationship with someone "normal"?! I'm not trying to start a revolution here, the main characters are people that the greatest percentage of the population can relate to, and that makes sense. But I really think that there are stories here that are not being exploited emotionally AND for the sake of ratings. People love, for example, a good gay romance. They can't get enough of it! And I bet you anything that the ratings would go through the roof! So why are gay characters in mainstream stories (mainly TV) never involved romantically? Unrequited love is a different issue. What mainstream gay character does NOT have an unrequited love situation? But if Mercedes, Kurt, or Artie were to develop a real, non-trophy relationship? Well that would be brilliant. The lighthearted foundation of Glee would be the PERFECT place, in my opinion, to test drive this new kind of entertainment. This is not a complaint about where the show is going, because it is entirely expected and I can't fault them for that. I just really hope to be pleasantly surprised, I think it's an excellent opportunity for future storylines! Thoughts?

Idina Menzel in next season ?!?

Ok ... I just read that Idina Menzel is going to be in the next season as the vocal coach for Vocal Adrenaline. Ths show has just turned EPIC!! Also, there's also a talk in the works about Idina's character being Rachel's biological mother as they look so alike. Honestly, I think that would be a really good story line. Also, Jonathan Groff will be starring in five/six episodes as Vocal Adreniline's lead vocalist. Wow, all these broadway names are making me dizzy. What are your thoughts on this? Personally I think it's pretty good :) P.S: Living in the UK is pretty good right now, because e4, a tv channel here, have picked up glee :) So now, just as the first season is finishing in the US, I get to watch it again in the UK, which means in April, the first season will still be fresh in my mind for season two. Is that awesome or what? :D

Seriously is there anything anyone didn't like about sectionals?

For me it was the perfect Glee episode. It completely lived up to expectations, all the secrets came out and gave us what we wanted. Can't wait to see what sue does next. I just can't see how you could fault this episode, except well of course if you hate the show in general. What were all your thoughts? I'm hoping for more screen time for the characters that haven't been used so much so far when glee returns, but everything that was focused on in this episode was spot on.

End of season 1?

Is glee season 1 finished now? If not when is it coming bak? thx

Glee Season 1, Episode 13: Did the Fall Finale Leave You Gleeful? - Featured

The drama! The heartache! The faby and Sue Sylvester insanity! I, for one, was a little nervous that the Glee fall finale, ' Sectionals ,' would focus on enormous cliffhangers like Finn only almost finding out about the Puck baby daddy drama and leaving us hanging on if Emma and Ken got married or not. But oh no! Glee doesn't need no stinkin' cliffhangers!! Well, kind of, anyway. They didn't need to leave us hanging on if Emma would go through with marrying Ken, but they did have to leave us with the insanely gleeful moment of Emma and Will kissing with no further development! And they did show us the glee club not only pulling through at sectionals but winning, AND they did go for it with the Puck truth coming out, but they left us hanging on where the baby love triangle would go from here, plus if Rachel has a chance with Finn. Along with all that, we're set up for some absolutely fan-freaking-tastic Sue drama. We've boarded "the Sue Sylvester express... destination... HORROR!" Who can wait months for that?? So, with all these crazy happenings, were you left feeling completely satisfied and gleeful like me, or are you hurting too much with the semi-cliffhangers and the way we're left for the Glee-less 4 months ahead? Gleek out in the comments below!

Mattress Talk: Will and Terri?

I really felt sorry for Terri, I mean I really felt sorry for her. All this time she felt that lying to her husband was the best way to keep their relationship strong. We have all seen this type of relationship. The fact that Terri pointed out that Will was a better husband when he felt sorry for himself, was bad enough. What relationship you know survived after a lie, blown out of proportion, was revealed? We knew the moment would come for Will to stumble upon Terri's lie, I mean really how long could she have kept it up. There could have been times where he could turn around and surprise her with her belly rub. Even though she became extremely alert in bed, there would be that time for the coin to drop and the two faces revealed, but I really did not expect it. While Will went scouting for his pocket square, I knew the moment had arrived for him to connect the dots. I seriously thought he was going to hit her there! Even though everything she went through to cover it up, was manipulative and conceited, I still felt remorse. The fact she believed that a lie could help their marriage was beyond saddening. I mean really, I understand her. I don't think Will should have suffered through the false believe of being a father, but I also didn't appreciate his love affair with Emma when he believed he was going to be a father. Even when Terri was believed to be pregnant, he held on to his misguided feelings for Emma, so imagine if Terri broke the news then, to go and ask Emma what was to be his next move. I mean a marriage is supposed to mean something, and even Emma told Terri to back off when she thought Terri was getting in the way. The irony. The moment he realized the pregnancy was fake was the biggest moment for me. He said he loved her, but I really couldn't believe him, especially since he couldn't stand spending time with her at school as well as home because 'they would have nothing to talk about at home'. Their marriage was really 'messed up' from the start. Terri: "Do you remember that appointment, do you remember what was said? That at that moment, no matter what happened, we loved each other" After hearing those words and finding out she wasn't pregnant, in Terri's crazy state, I could imagine why she would feel the need to lie. It didn't all start out as a lie. Their relationship was torn, the typical pregnancy to keep the marriage going has been misused and often times fell through the cracks. Things are often more successful when a baby is actually involved. She probably already lost him, so what exactly did she have to hold on to. I hold my opinion, I do feel sorry for her, no one would ever want to be in that situation, especially when a simple human error was made and having a sister that condones it doesn't really help. I could tell she did care about him, but after he turned his back to her, I really do not know if there's any coming back from that. I commend Jessalyn Gilsig and Matthew Morrison for that rendering performance, well done. Lexa

What was up with Puck?

For the past series of episodes since Quinn's pregnancy was revealed, we've been seeing the softer side of Puck. What was with the sudden turnaround this past episode? It seemed really out of character to me. Any thoughts?

Couple Nicknames

Am I the only one who hates all these ridiculous couple names? Serenate, Chair, BRo, etc. They ALL suck. It's bad enough we have to give celebrity couples these names, but please stop insisting on making them for everyone else. It makes me hate all the couples and the characters in them.

Glee 1x09 "Wheels"

Who else cried on last night's episode of Glee? And if you haven't seen it, I dare you not to cry.