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Why couldn't Chuck just say it back...!!!!

OK, i understand this wasn't the time for chuck to be thinking about loving Blair, his dad just died, and he was feeling like s***, but he could have at least hugged her properly at the end! OK, it took a lot for him to back down and come back to her, but that little touch of Blair's arm when she held him on the bed could have been a bit more!!! his acting this season has been amazing and episode 13 was just the best by far and judging by the promo for the next episode we can bet on it getting better!! i love the new side they are showing of him this season, the caring, human side to him, the side he only ever shows to Blair, yet they can still both be bitchy when needed! but when they are together it just makes me smile cuz they are sooo cute!!! even though i think their conversations need to be longer! i hate the fact that none of my friends watch gossip girl, in fact no-one i know watches it, so i can never talk to anyone about it!!! AAARRGHH!!!

Episode 2x13 needs to post...

i really wish the new episode would post please please please..

real websites for viewing

the effort is much appreciated but none of the sites that are posted for episode 13 work. they all lead to some type of bogus survey. please start posting legit info.

So Now we are comparing Gossip Girl and 90210...

Most ppl like Gossip girl better then 90210 && yes Gossip girl has more drama and it has Chuck and Blair... But I think that 90210 is great in its own special way too. The teacher and the counselor are a sad love story and so is Lily and Rufus in Gossip Girl.. So I like them both the same because they both, I think, are great shows. They have their twist, drama and all the rest the goes with it. What do you guys say? Gossip Girl & 90210 .. 50/50 Or Gossip Girl is better to the max 90210 is better OR Just No comparison..They are just great shows

CW website not very good

This didn't hit me today. I've been noticing for a while now. What is up with the CW GG blog? CW is Crapping it up, lately. They keep updating the main page but nobody ever updates the bio pages! And what is up with not giving Blair a bio pg. at all... READ FULL ARTICLE

Who should have Nate? Lil'J or V

after watching last weeks episode i was really miffed about Nate choosing V. dont get me wrong and all i like V but Lil'J and Nate is just so much better. who do you guys think should be Nate's girl- V or Lil'J??

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Gossip Girl: The Evolution of Chuck Bass

Arguably one of the top two most interesting characters on the show, Chuck Bass has gone through some changes in the last 1 1/2 seasons. In the season one pilot, he wanders around Central Park smoking a joint while razzing Nate for not yet taking Blair's virginity. This is the mildest of the offensive things he does/says in the episode. Chuck spots Serena drinking her troubles away at a hotel bar (presumably his father's). She mentions hunger. He baits her with the promise of a grilled cheese with truffle oil and she follows him back to the kitchen. Thinking a sandwich is a fair trade for sex, he tries to force himself on her. She gets free from his evil clutches by kicking him in the balls. ...continue reading


I loved Rachel L's post about a Gossip Girl spinoff and wanted to make a poll on sidereel but didn't see how to do it so I made one here: TAKE THE POLL Vote for your favorite Gossip Girl spinoff idea. Thanks to Rachel for the idea! xoxo Benjy

Couple Switch Pls? ;)

I really love Gossip Girl. But I think I want something new. Actually, I really want to see Nate and Serena together. Don't get me wrong, I like Dan and Serena too. But I think it would really be cute if we would have some SereNate this season. Or for the next seasons. Im begging. Haha! What do you think guys? Hope someone agrees with me. :) And BTW, I hate Jenny and Nate together. It made me say 'eew.' No offense. Haha!