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Gossip Girl or 90210?

So as of today I am officially caught up on my Gossip Girl , season 2, and have also seen all of the new 90210 (and thanks to my obsessed roommate, much of the old series). I have to say though, I am much more interested in Gossip Girl than the highschoolers of Beverly Hills; is it because the drama or the upper east side is more interesting than that of the california coast or perhaps for other reasons. When I first contemplated this question I thought maybe the (perceived) failures of 90210 was because of their efforts to incorporate the older generation and their own drama. I am not so sure that this is the case though, Gossip Girl definitely includes parents' issues (Lily and Rufus, Lily and Bart, Archibalds) and it does take up a considerable part of the show but it feels so much more natural to watch than in 90210. Now I am so unsure why I enjoy Gossip Girl more, maybe it is because it's not trying to remake a show from the 90s, or maybe because the whole style of the show is more put-together than 90210, which has a laid-back Californian style that might be a bit outdated. I also think that some of the issues they are trying to address on 90210 are outdated (teen sex, drugs, parents divorcing) and they are trying to cram everything possible into what has been half of one season. What do you guys think? Is there room for two high-school dramas? Albeit there is not much crossover with the two shows portraying very different worlds.

Tv Show Breaks

I was just wondering, does anyone have like a list or something that shows when all the tv shows (OTH, 90210 etc.) come back after their break, and was wondering if every show is takin a break?

New Gossip Girl Writers: Hire or Fire?

There are a bunch of new potential writers at Watch Gossip Girl and we need you to tell us which ones to hire and which to fire. Check them out and let us know. thanks! RATE NEW WRITERS

when is eric outed?

i know, as does everyone else, that eric's gay. but what happens, and in what episode, does it become fact? the only time i can remember hearing anything about it is when he introduces jonathan to serena and blair... i thought it was something more dramatic than that.

season 2 Episode 12

hey! mind telling me when is season 2 episode 12 of gossip girl is coming out?? i really can't wait to watch the next episode!


what happen to this weeks episode of gossip wasnt on just one tree hill was on..will it be back soon..asap

Its Crazy, Why did they skip last monday?

I dunno why GG was skipped last sunday? Why was one tree hill on instead?

where is gossip girls episode 12?

normally by this time someone would have posted the most recent episode of gossip girl..i keep checking and there has been no link..I AM GOING CRAZY!..i missed GG this monday and so i am begging someone to post the the link PLZ!!


Sidereel you guys should really ban the links leading to sites with viruses and that you have to register to watch.

What has happened to Gossip Girl season 2?!?

I thought there was meant to be 18 episodes in the series? Where can i find episode 12? I've just seen The Magnificent Archibalds, but surely episode 12 should be up by now?! helppppp