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How Realistic is Gossip Girl? SURVEY!!!!!

Dear Gossip GIrl Fans, PLEASE TAKE MY GOSSIP GIRL SURVEY!!!!!!!! Its super quick and easy, and it will really help me with my research for my class at UCLA. Thanks a million!!! xoxo

Who is the best and the worse actor/actress?

Ok. Out all of Gossip Girl s main characters. Who do u think is the best and the worse in acting?? I personally think the one who is the worse in acting is Chace Crawford. I think he is just in the show to be the pretty boy Nate. The best to act I think is Leighton Meester amd Ed Westwick . What do u think?? Say your opinion here!! -Nickz

when's the next episode?

hey does anyone know when the next ep of gossip girl and one tree hill is gonna be aired? and why there's no ep this wk?

imagine couples...

just imagine if these characters got together... D + B ? (they hate each other) S + C ? (they're "siblings!") J + C ? (cant see it...) N + E ? (nate gay? lol) these characters already were together... B + N (4/10) S + N (4/10) J + N (6/10) --i think-- S + D (8/10) B + C (10/10) V + D (2/10) --didn't really see much of their relationship-- -chicklet14 :)

Featured Discussion: Which Gossip Girl couple will end up getting married end of this season?

Out of some spoilers and rumors that is being said by many sources. One of the teenage couple will end up getting married perhaps in the end of this season. Who do u think will end up getting married? Is it: DS NV CB Or a random couple?


What is your favorite episode from season one and why? And what is your favorite episode from season two so far?

anyone know if theres going to be more episodes?

hey :) just wondering, if anyone knows if theres going to be more episodes in gossip girl season 2, after 17. and were would be the best place to buy it from? thanks :)

Evil Blair and Couple Breakups - Featured GG Discussion

Last night's Gossip Girl was full of scandal, but perhaps most noteworthy was Blair Waldorf's full-fledged assault on not-so-innocent new teacher Rachel Carr. I am, of course, referring to Blair's sending the rumor of Dan and Rachel hooking up to Gossip Girl before she had any "exculpatory evidence" (because Blair "loves Damages ", far and wide my favorite quote of the night). Just when you thought Blair had become softened, she goes and pulls questionably her most evil act ever! What do you think? Where does Blair's stunt rank on a scale of evil? Has she done anything worse? Additionally, Dan and Serena are of course broken up again . Who's hoping it will actually stick this time? Lastly, I come bearing some unfortunate news; there is no new Gossip Girl for the rest of February, so you can ponder on these issues for awhile... Source: TV Squad

POLL: favorite CW show

TAKE POLL Everyone has a favorite CW show: see which one yours is. take this fun poll.

Which guy is hotter?

Which one would you pick? ;)