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Why has the episodes stopped?

After episode 20 it just stopped. shouldnt there be 2 more episodes left before the end of season 3?? I've been checking it every week hoping it start uploading the episodes again, but nothing. can someone tell me why?


Can't a television show for once keep a relationship going for more than half a season?? I don't know about everyone else, but I certainly haven't had my fill of Casey and Cappie.


"All Children... Grow Up" was a really good episode. But, that still that's shown on this page is of Rusty and Dana in caps and gowns.... what's going on? They have like two years left.

Rusty is so inept!

Rusty is absolutely clueless when it comes to dating and he never seems to learn. Does he really think he can pull off dating Catherine and Danna at the same time. When does that ever work on TV. This is going to end with both ladies finding out and being PISSED! Then Rusty goes back to the singledom.


How lame that her "politics" guy couldn't be friends with her without having to make it a sexual thing. Are we really so pathetic that we can't be friends with a man without sleeping with him? I seriously hope she doesn't dumb up and end up messing her relationship with Cappy.

New episode on Greek

Does anyone know when a new episode on Greek will be? It is been a while... thanks...

Where Are They Going With This?

Face it. Casey, Cappie, Evan and Ashley are going to graduate at the end of this season, which really only leaves us with Rebecca, Calvin and Rusty. These last three are interesting, but the show really needs both of them. Without Casey it would be like a Gilmore Girls without a Lorelai and without Cappie we no longer have Luke. They could do something resembling what One Tree Hill did and skip ahead a few years, but could they pull it off without the Frats and Sororities? I tend to think not. So really, what will they do for next year?


does anyone know why there aren't any episodes??? 2 weeks already... :'(

Greek "The Wish-Pretzel" - Cassie and Cappie

What a romantic scene at the end of this weeks episode. We finally see the beloved couple grasping at their past and pulling it into the future. Was this what we were all waiting for? A chance for them to get back together and really make it work? Or was anyone hoping to see Chambers in with a chance? I for one have been waiting for Cappie to man up and leave his games behind - he certainly did that! I loved the last scene, the romance of them being alone, Cappie being nervous and not just jumping in was nicely out of character and let him show how he really felt - no words needed, just that magical kiss that says it all! How does everyone feel about this reunion of the starstruck lovers? Did you all enjoy the episode as much as me? Did your heart beat faster when there was that moment when you thought Cassie just wasn't going to listen?

Everyone loves Casey!

So, Evan stopped Cappie from going after Casey at the End of the World party because... He STILL has a thing for her! That douche! And now he's trying to put the moves on Casey but she's having none of it, but its kay cos Cappie comes through, tells her he wants her and he should have come after her at The End of the World party etc etc they have kissing on the stairs of the empty ZBZ house and all is AWESOME :D Oh and Rebecca wants Evan?!