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When is it coming to the US?

Hey does anyone know when the first season on DVD comeing out in the US? I have been looking Forever and it is still not there? any info plz write! thx

can someone plezzzzzzzzz comment on my website



For anyone generally interested, or might have a small to growing fancy for the pairing of Emma/Lewis, please check out this new fic, "Change of Heart," and let me know what you think (over there) ^_^

All Rikki Fans Click Here!

You guys guess wat i did i made a sidreelpage for Rikki! Please Contribute and add stuf on there to make it better. If anyone knows how to add links go for it. Just please don't critisize it because i'm new to the whole making page stuff. Thanks! sonZiZZle

How come?

Does anyone no why in the U.S they only play the first season and the first five from the second?????

*sniffle sniffle*

Am I the only one that thinks Season 3 is gonna b a disaster?!?! The New Mermaid will ruin EVERYTHING! Well its not like i'm not gonna see season 3 because i have waited tooo long to just stop. Anyways I want ur guys' opinion about season 3. Peace out, SonZiZZle

My sidereel page...

Okay so I know this doesn't have to do with h20 but everyone who loves the soap opera The Young and the Restless should go to my sidereel page called "The Young and the Restless by I_love_h20. Please go on to it and add news, submit pics., anything!!! I'd love it if ppl. also added my page as a fav. Thanks, I_love_h20


How kum H2O:Just Add Water Season 2 has stopped showing on Nick? Not that I haven't already seen it 10 MILLION times :P. Well if the U.S. doesn't catch up with Australia in episodes, we aren't gonna be able to see season 3 on tv! But then there is always sidereel! Well still, if anyone knows why Season 2 has stopped please reply!


Does anyone know where surprise/s01e14 is. i would really appreciate if you help me. PS cant be at nick


if any one knows the name for the song that goes, i'm breathing in and i'm breathing out, i'm wide awake but i can't hear a sound please post it