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One of my fave eps aren't working. The video only goes up to the part where Cleo says "I just keep seeing strange things happening." Earlier today it was working but now it isn't. Someone help!

Claire Holt

Someone should make a sidereel page for Claire Holt. I tried to but I was confused the moment I tried to make it. Someone please make a please make a page for her!!!!!! Rikki is my fave character but since Phoebe has a page and so does Cariba the group is incomplete without her!!!!! So yeah. Peace out, sonzizzle

haha i feel stupid!

the past two days ive been really mad cuz if i want to watch H2O and i need to know what number an episode is i come here to look at the list and everytime i came in here to find it its gone! and i just realized lyke 1 minute ago that it was here all along that they just moved the episode list below the news, discussions, and reviews! haha!!!!!!

Season 3

Casting begins this week . With a new mermaid joining the team.....

Where are these episodes?!

Will someone pleaseeee find these episodes: 1x24, 1x25, 1x26, 2x14, 2x20, and 2x21? These are all broken or don't work for me. And I NEED these episodes; I'm seriously obsessed with H2o. If not, does anyone know where I could possibly buy the second season on DVD or view them or if Nick is airing them anytime soon? Please and thanks. :)

Season 3... Can't wait!

YAY!!! I was sooo excited when I heard about season 3, H2O just add water. I can't wait!!!! When are the episodes going to air? Can someone tell me, cuz i wanna be prepaired to get my popcorn out. THNX!


I have Dish network and you could press info and there are titles of the episodes. So I was watching the season 2 on tv (for the millionth time :P) but the names of the episodes were wrong. I was confused.

More h2o again

My other favorite episode is 1 in season 1. I cant remember the title. The 1 where Kim steals cleos diary and reads and it and stuff...????


I love this show. it makes me happy, and excited when it's coming on. i love RICKY and ZANE. THERE the best. They need to put ZANE in WAYYY MORE though. i'm so excited for SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

I just love this show. I first saw when I was flipping though the channels and nothing was on so I watched and I loved it! Then I watch more and more of it and I still loved. And sorry if I ruin it for anybody but I was so happy when Cleo and Lewis got back together.