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thanks to whoever uploaded these links...this show is appropriate for most ages so it is something that i can do wen my friends little sis is at my house. Again thanks

H2O Characters

I like the the characters of the girls, mostly because it seems like Cleo is the one who keeps them together. Emma seems to be the leader and Rikki, the strong-headed. Its a pretty good mixture of characters. I like that.


Lewis is smart, he knows that Charlotte would probably boil off skin if he tried to take the locket. Dealing with an evil mermaid is best left to good mermaids. I'm thinking Charlotte is seriously spoiled, you can see from Three's Company she probably gets everything she wants from her mom. That sense of entitlement is why she's gone off the deep end.

Season 2 episode 25

I was really hoping that Lewis was going to pull the locket off Charlotte's neck after he found out that she stole it. And i was hoping that something would happen then.