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With this past Monday's Kyle XY series finale (which we all could clearly see was meant to be a season ending cliffhanger and anything but a series finale), my mind started thinking about other shows that have ended with the same fate - a giant cliffhanger due to a lack of opportunity to resolve things. Some endings that have stung most for me besides Kyle XY : Las Vegas - In the final episode of NBC's 5 season running guilty pleasure, we are left unsure whether new boss Cooper is dead or alive, and whether or not Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Delinda's baby survives. Popular - This offbeat WB series from Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy concluded with series star Brooke (Leslie Bibb) being intentionally run over by a car, courtesy of her former best friend Nicole. Now and Again - In this underrated one-season gem all the way back from the year 2000, we were left with a huge cliffhanger: the EggMan escaped from prison and Michael Wiseman (Eric Close, in a pre- Without a Trace role) returned to his family under strict orders not to, at which point scary men with guns were sent after them... John Doe - I forgot about this series (starring a pre- Prison Break Dominic Purcell) which was just mentioned in a Kyle XY thread. Doe, which starred Purcell as a man much like Kyle, who awoke naked and imbued with endless knowledge, concluded on a massive cliffhanger. John Doe (Purcell) finally learned the identity of the season's big bad and head of the evil Phoenix Organization - his best friend Digger! So...which cliffhanging series ending has left you the most infuriated?


So everyone... I've been watching the tv show Las Vegas...and wondered if anyone else out there had any opinions on the show? I was watching the relationship between Danny & Mary and was really frustrated and angered by the way the producers of the show totally wrote of their relationship!!! Danny & Mary were destined to be together!!! The chemistry between the 2 was effortless and totally believable! They were a TRUE COUPLE with both the physical and emotional connection!!! Therefore i don't understand why their relationship ended? Plus to make things worse...Delinda and Danny got together...and MARY LEFT!!! You would think things couldn't get any worse...but DELINDA'S PREGNANT!!! I HATE THE WAY SHOW MESSED UP EVERYTHING GOOD!!! Danny and Delinda ARE the most POINTLESS COUPLE EVER!!! Their chemistry is soo forced and definetley NOT believable!!! THEY SUCK!!! DANNY + MARY = TRUE LOVE!!! And now i've come to a conclusion about shows...the characters that are meant to be together never do!!! So don't bother getting your hopes up! This is shown in The OC, Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Beverley Hills 90210. Also the ending or finale of the show will never be how the fans imagined the show to end! PRODUCERS OF ANY SHOW NEVER LISTEN TO THE FANS AND WHAT THEY WANT!!!

of all the stupid things

Okay I have been watching this series since it began. The petition I saw had over 23k in signatures. We are the tv stations money, so give us what we want. Either another season or a 2 hour tv movie to wrap it up. But stiffing up and saying oh the writer strike is lame. I see many series which survived what are they a weaker tv chanel? Do they need mommy to kiss their boo boos. I am sorry but I am ticked off about this. I have watch so many good shows get cancelled cause they want to throw up reality shows. Some us dont like to watch that stuff we like good shows like Las Vegas. Seeing Tom Mr. magnem pi back in action was awesome. He has a mystic to him that I could say he is still sexy to this day. So my last memory will be it ended with blood on her fingers and it said to be continued.. ok you promised us another episode by saying that now deliver. If I was your boss I would fire you for stupidy. grrrr.. without us the fans you have no shows think that over for a bit.

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