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tv shows

whats going on with tv shows at the moment they seem to be all over the place one week both ncis and ncis la is on the next its not same with the good wife it seems like fridays and sundays are the same cant tv networks sort themselves out the holiday season is over no excuse

dunham and tims monologue at the end

Is ncis trying to reference fringe and criminal minds ? What is up with that ?

QUESTION- Favorite character?

I watch NCIS essentially for the caracters. I consider that these people got the best chemistry with each others. Unlike other criminal tv shows, I don't really care for the cases, as long as Tony pranks and kids everybody, Gibbs slaps everybody's head, Ducky talks way too much and Abby stays like she is, I'll watch that show for another 6 seasons. That is exacltly why this show (with The Office) will never get old. SO, my question for you NCIS lovers is: What is your favorite character? Me, being a sci fi geek, and a little weird considering all these people, my favorite person is McGee, or Probie, or Timmy, or McGeek, or McFlowerPower, or whatever name's the others give him. Timmy is my favorite chacter because he's such a good guy, always there for everybody and also very funny in his own way. Who else Tony would tease if he left?

Where is it?

what happened to Gibbs' boat? I know the way to take it out of the basement is left as a little mistery of the series, but is this the first episode where the boat is missing? is there any explanation?

NCIS Episode Discussion: "Truth or Consequences"

When the seventh-season premiere of NCIS kicks off, the team is still reeling from the loss of Ziva (Cote de Pablo). Looking forward, however, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) orders Tony (Michael Weatherly) and McGee (Sean Murray) to begin the search for her replacement. Use this space to talk about the season premiere, and share all your comments and predictions for the rest of the season below. Did the premiere deliver? Source here


Look what they did to my Ziva's beautiful face. Someone needs to die.

What is the best crime drama?

I have never really watched detective/murder dramas as they have never really captured my interest. However i have decided that maybe i had been too quick to dismiss them. Which Crime/detective/murder dramas do people recommend?

Crazy ending to NCIS

What was with that loony ending? I'm not going to give anything away but what was the point of that? NCIS isn't a secret organisation? The agents and the set up is very well known to other agencies? Heck, they even swap agents on occasion! So what was the ending all about?


whew... most certainly didn't see any of this coming. I hate season endings like this... :-D

Semper Fidelis

Just watched the new ep and I am speachless!!!! Is it just me or was that insane?!?!?! W/ Tony and Micheal??? And Zeva at the last minute!?!?!? Can't WAIT for next weeks episode!