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Sympathy for the devil

I thought it was a great episode :) Im really loving sams character and her being a good friend to Jamie, and i have high hopes for Leyton, I rekon they ll get through the Julian scandal. What did everyone else think?

OTH Season 7: Join the movement!

Hi everyone, Our movement to get a season 7 of One Tree Hill is growing! Check out all these comments from all of you to this website Keep the comments coming and we will have our voices heard. One Tree Hill Forever!! Common, let’s flood this website with comments and I will send them all to the producers of One Tree Hill. We can make a difference! Let’s save our show!!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

Future episodes

Does anyone know how many episodes season 6 is gonna hav? Coz all the other seasons have at least 22 episodes, then season 5 only had 18. Same with Desperate Housewives, season 4 only had 17

Why isn't the new one tree hill uploaded ???

Why isn't last nights episode of one tree hill uploaded yet?? does anyone know when it will be uploaded ? thank you

Peyton Lucas and the Producer?? and Rachel? and dan??

Heyy ok well first off i wanna share how much i love one tree hill it is an amazing show! It had me hooked from the first episode. Ok so I think that peyton and the movie producer guy had a thing ang that this movie is going to bring some tension between lucas and peyton. I think that the producer guy is going to make a move on peyton and lucas is going to find out and be mad. What do you guys think. Also i want to know when peyton and lucas are getting married because i have been waiting for that day since i first saw them together! Does anyone know? i hope this producer guy doesn't get in the way! Ok secondly where did rachel go?? i thought she was supposed to be a regular in the 6th season?? i wanna know what happened to her! And finally Whats going on with dan? i hate his new good guy image! Quite frankly i think the show is getting boring without him beiing a jerk. As much as i hate hi i love him at the same time. he made the show dramatic. I mean ya the nanny was amusing for a while but i really want dan to be bad again the show just isnt as good without someone to hate! let me know what you think :)


Im so proud of brooke with how she handled everything with sam! but when do you rekon we will find out the identity of the attacker, for some reason i have a feeling it was Julian what does everyone think?? I know he has no motive but just, a feeling!! And what has happened to dan deb and skills been a few episodes without them!!!

who is julian?

Who is Julian? I think he's a guy that Peyton probably met and dated through the four year gap that OTH passed by!


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who's julian ????

im a oth fan since day 1 and i have seen every episode but maybe i need to go back and watch some old episodes cause i dont know how julian is or what he has to do with peyton. if any1 can shed some light on this situation i would be greatly appreciative.

Who is Julian?

In Season 6 - Episode 8, when Peyton and Julian meet they already know each other, how? Did they date or something? Because it is obvious that she doesn't really like him... how does he know her??? I NEED TO KNOW!!!