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OTH Caption Game!

I'm gonna post a picture from an episode of OTH, past or present, and you have to tell me what you think of it, or what they should have said. Play the OTH caption game!

Lucas and Peyton's Baby: Boy or Girl?

If you have seen Screenwriter's Blues then you saw that at the end (or actually 'heard') was the baby's heartbeat. Do you think its a boy or a girl?

Our Dream Storylines and Characters we want to return

I decided to pull a CW and write about which characters we want to return and which old storylines we want for to pick up again. Read about the different storylines we want to bring back!

Brett Claywell aka Tim aka Dim on Dollhouse

Brett Claywell was in the series premiere of Dollhouse. I don't think he's a permanent cast member, but it's fun to see him on TV. The show isn't that bad either. It's pretty interesting and has a lot of promise.

Evil Dan or Good Dan?

Who really is Dan. Is he the bad guy or the good guy?

Whats hapenning?

Why is this episode unaired?

Episode 17???

Hey guys! Would someone please add the link for episode 17? Thanx!!!

when's the next episode?

hey does anyone know when the next ep of gossip girl and one tree hill is gonna be aired? and why there's no ep this wk?

Sophia Bush at Hells Kitchen Premiere!

Sophia attended the Hell's Kitchen Premiere Party last week! What do you think of her outfit?

POLL: OTH Characters - Then and Now!

I decided to take all of you back to the beginning and show you how much our favorite One Tree Hill characters have changed. Read about the OTH characters and how theyve changed over the years.