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Things we never found out!

With the 4 year gap and the show as a whole theres a number of things we never found out, they might not be important details but i'd still like to know. 1. Why and how did Karen get back with Andy and why did they sail to tree hill for the Lucas/Lindsey wedding? 2. Why did Skills and Bevin break up? 3. What happened to Mouths grandfather; did he die and if not why did Mouth not think of him when he moved for his job? 4. Whitey was a mentor for Nate and Lucas, why don't they keep in touch? 5. Were Dans businesses sold when he went to prison and if so where did the money go? 6. How come Fergie and Junk didn't manage to finally find a longterm relationship in the four year gap? 7. Do they really expect us to believe that Jamie's only five when Jacksons at least ten? 8. Did Jake end up with custody of Jenny and how did their lives turn out - i know theres rumours that he's coming back some time but him and Peyton were so close and they parted as friends so why didn't they keep in touch? these questions may never be answered but hey, feel free to make up your own answers or add your own questions! =)

Peyton's Baby in Trouble?

We all have seen the recent episodes and know that Peyton is pregnant. There is one epic question that must be asked. Will Peyton's baby survive?

POLL: favorite CW show

TAKE POLL Everyone has a favorite CW show: see which one yours is. take this fun poll.

where are they?

where are all my favorites show??!!! OTH, The Mentalist, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Desparate??? What's going over there in the US? Why is there a break?


is there an episode this week?

Baby Leyton

I will fuume if Hayley is that baby's God Mother.. It really annoyed me when she said 'dibs on godmother' when she first found out. >= ( Brooke and Peyton have been friends forever and been through everything, dead mums, psycho stalkers.. etc! I'd feel devastated if the friend I'd been through all that with picked someone else! Also, Hayley didn't pick Peyton to be her child's Godmother, I know they've never been the best of friends but Peyton befriended her and helped her tonnes with Nathan at the start when Brooke was still being a bitch. And when Jamie was born Lucas was god father and he was with Peyton who everyone thought he would marry (brooke's words) so peyton would've been the obvious choice. Tbh, not bothered about Peyton not getting picked but I just think it's cheeky of Hayley to say dibs on it and I hope Peyton laughs in her face and picks Brooke.. It'd really suck for Brooke if Peyton picked Hayley especially because of her being unable to adopt. Bit of a rant but what do you guys think? Also, do you think they'll name the baby after someone? ..Keith maybe?

How many episodes?

How many episodes are left?

The "lost" OTH Characters

There are some characters that are simply unforgettable. I wish the writers would bring them back more often. My top five faves, Jake- he and Peyton had a good thing going. He may have been her best match ever! Rachel- what a b#%&h. but unforgettably so! Felix/Anna- these characters were interesting enough to have staying power. its too bad they only lasted one season. Tim- the village great comic relief Karen (and of course Keith they should never have killed him off in the first place!)- OTH just isn't the same without them.

Final Season?

So I've been getting the vibe around SR that this is the final season of OTH. I've picked up little hints here and there but haven't found any solid evidence. Is this true? Say it ain't so :( I've watched this show from its inception. The best shows never last! 6 years is a long time, but some shows (that aren't nearly as good) have gotten ten or more. I hope this is just a very weak rumor.


Is Dan dead?