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One Tree Hill Featured Discussion: Do we like Brooke and Julian?

Some people might have found last night's episode of One Tree Hill uneventful, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. For the first episode I can recall in quite some time, there were no abductions, imprisonments, attacks, murders, etc. Instead, the episode resembled something closer to reality...and I quite liked that! An episode free of the crazies was a welcome treat for me. I should also point out that this episode was directed by Chad Michael Murray himself (his first stab at directing). I was skeptical, but consider me impressed. We spent a lot time building relationships last night - between Brooke/Julian (Broolian?), Mouth/Millicent (kudos to the show for finally making me care about this relationship) and Mia/Chase. question to you we like the coupling of Brooke and Julian? Does this relationship have any potential or is it destined to fail?


episode 13 was great but i'd read that it was meant 2 be as intense as 4.16 (prom/physco derek) and it wasn't. Bit dissapointed but w/e it was still great xxx (can't wait to see what happens with julien and brooke lol AND mia and chase)

who played number 12?

im a massiv oth fan in the last episdoe nathan said tat he wanted to play number 12 coz of sum1 special 2 him. who? why?

Major DILLEMMA!! Should I Watch One Tree Hill?

ok so maybe its not that much of a dillemma but basically one tree hill (or OTH) is not the kind of show that i usually watch, i prefer things like prison break, smallville and heroes (although i now hate heroes), in other words i like conspiracy, mystery and action. BUT i have since last year become hooked on Gossip Girl, and i mean really is one of my favourite shows ever! the only other similarish show i used to watch was the gilmore girls, but this wasnt as superficial or over the top like gossip girl. since GG (gossip girl) i have a inclination to watch high school shows, ive started watchin the secret life of the american teenager and find it quite boring, i watched the first episode of veronica mars but it didnt quite make me want to watch another! and recently ive noticed that alot of gossip girl fans love OTH, and i feel intrigued to start watching it...but i dont want OTH to end up replacing Gossip Girl as my fav it really worth watching? are there any OTH and GG fans out there who can honestly say that GG is a million times better than OTH and by watching OTH i will not become obsessed with it and forget all about GG!!! because i love the fact that GG is my fav show and wouldnt want to lose my obsession with it! yes i have a life.

What shows should i watch?

I mean on tv i have 4 tv shows on Monday to watch gossip girl, one three hill, kyle xy, The Big Bang theory What two shows should i watch that day and the other 2 watch online after?


Hello Guys, In my mind, the music in the 6th season is the best ever. So I´m searching for the names of the authors and titels. Can somebody help me out? Thx :-)

I hate peyton sawyer

Yup...i really do... She's manipulative and selfish and yeah, she's had a sad and depressing life where 'people always leave' but seriously...she stole lucas away from brooke (her BEST FRIEND!!!) TWICE!!! and then she stole him from Lindsey! Poor Lucas has no choice but to be with her...she's managed to chase away every other serious girlfriend he ever had!! To make things worse, when she had him, she rejected him!! Talk about a girl with problems...she creates most of them herself!! She really doesnt deserve Lucas... P.s. Im a Brucas fan all the way..LOL

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I absolutely love this show, and thank sidereel so much for posting up all the links to watch it! Thank goodness for sidereel. 5 star show! Couldnt miss it for the world!


where is episode 13?