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Large day of the dead
Concluded TV Shows, Movies and Miniseries I watched and un-tracked to get to 500, and other shows I watched and not on tracker. 500 badge is still in profile after tracked shows is less than 500.
Large day of the dead
78 shows 0
From dead people eating brains or sucking blood, werewolves, and other mystical, magical beings, TV shows that doesn't deal with natural order of things on Earth.
Large day of the dead
625 shows 0
My big list of TV shows that I watched, plan to watch or currently watching. Tracker is the big enough .
Large natalie33
Not a great fan of horror/thrillers, but these were good. Nothing scares me!
Large natalie33
Yet everyone else is... I really tried... but, sorry world :)
Large grim reaper
77 shows 0
Ghosts, demons, angels, and everything in between.
Large nerv sym
59 shows
by ixon

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