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Who is the cleverest television character?

To be honest we have had the most evil character on television debate, but what i have been deliberating about for a while is who is the cleverest? Now there are some strong candidates, to name a few; Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory), Temperance Brennan and Zack Addy (Bones), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Gregory House (House), Michael Scofield (Prison Break), Marshall Flinkman (Alias) and obviously there are more, but I was just wondering if anyone there could be clarification on the subject? Who do you think?


Hello friends i have heard many a time from my friends that Prison break is one of the amazing TV serial and i should watch it, how many episodes does it have and where can i see them online.....i have no space to download them.

Unlock Prison Break

Please unlock Prison Break as I have updated links to add for every current episode. Thanks

Is 24 the most addictive series of all time? - Featured

A British film site - LOVEFiLM.com - commissioned a poll in the hopes of identifying the most addictive TV series of all time. 24 came in first place with 19% of the vote. Lost came in 2nd place with 17% of the vote. Friends (1994) came in 3rd place with 10% of the vote. The rest of the results - all with below 10% of the vote - were as follows: Heroes The Wire Dr. Who CSI Prison Break The Sopranos Sex and the City So what do you think of this list? Is CSI actually addictive? Where's Dexter ? What do you think should be on here instead? Source

Any updates?

Have we heard anything recently about this? After watching the last episode of Prison Break I got the impression they were setting up for a spin off with Gretchin trying to escape, plus why would someone like her let Sarah escape when she could have easily got her caught too, like we are suppose to warm to the character a little. Also why use someone like Lori Petty for such a small role unless it was going to pop up somewhere else later on. Anyone know anything to stop my brain working over time? lol

the final break...i can't believe it *spoiler*

omg, i just watched 'the final break' and i can't believe that they really did this. after watching the last episode i thought there was somekind of an explanation for the grave etc....but this? while i do think that pb had to come to an end with this season, the way they did it just wasn't right for me. yes, they did something different by killing off the main character but at what cost? in the end, he was never allowed to be truly happy and i hate it when they do that to character that had to endure so much. their names were cleared, the company gone...why not leave it that way? no, he has to have nosebleeds again and dies sacrificing himself for sara and the baby. yes, it was heroic but they could have written a much better ending. why not let him be happy? they really must have felt the need to kill him in the end because just letting the tumor come back was pretty weak as a storyline. i just watched the whole fourth season during the last week and i'm certain that they could have found a better way to end all this because it was pretty good at times. the whole beginning was very ocean's elevenish and i liked that a lot. but then, all the pain and all the running and he dies without even seeing his kid? don't get me wrong, i'm all for good plots and twists in the storyline but this was just not written very well. prison break was always awesome with action, twists and tension but the emotional aspect was sometimes left out a bit too much for me. it was hard for me to really get michael and sara's relationship because they never really had much time together. there was no development...it was just there. also the part with bellick dying. even though i liked that they cared about him in a way...it didn't really make sense that even linc would get so emotional over this. u knew the whole episode that bellick was gonna die because he talked about his father and the kind of life he wanted to live. these things were just too obvious and i think that, as unbelievably perfect the technical twists and storylines were, the emotional relationships were left behind a bit. i still love pb, but the ending makes it hard for me to ever watch it again. to say it harshly: why bother when he dies anyway in the end? maybe...in my head...he's alive and the whole thing with his dead was just a fraud. then i can be happy :)

When is it even coming out?

It says that it primered in march but the movie is still not eve out yet and i actually really want to watch it....

Prison Break Finale

I think prison break had the best finale the series could have had. It had action, tension, happiness, sorrow and everything it was possible to have. Hell I think it was the best finale I ever saw!!! Well that's my opinion what do u guys think about it?


5.Sarah is just soooo freaking annoying, get over all your issues. 4.Wenthworth's chin fat; it's really random! 3.The computer whiz guy... what was he thinking? Isn't he paying attention to what the company's capable of? 2. Gretchen's random lipstick shades. 1.Why does everyone wear long sleeved when it's so hot...And they all sweat profusely! BUT I STILL CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS CRAP! 17th of Avril!!


Whats the deal with ratings? why do some tv shows with good ratings/reviews/fanbase get cancelled whilst others with low ratings are still around. For example Pushing Daisies, which averaged 9million viewers (13m at its best), has been canceled despite a great fanbase, critical acknowlegment and good ratings. However shows such as Dexter only average about 1mill viewers but hasnt been cancelled. dont get me wrong i think dexter is a great programme but im just confused. i would like to know how the system of tv viewership and the lifespan of a show works. I generally thought programs which averaged above the 2mill ratings were popular. I understand if tv progs are euthanised due to poor storylines/ cul de sac etc. i.e. the once great prison break (which still gets good ratings) and heroes which storylines seem to be going down an endless black hole . Does it depend on the network the program is on, the budget etc. or all of it combined. if budget is the concern, then why does a show like the Tudors (as an example) which must cost a lot of $mula$ keep surviving despite only averaging less than 1 mill viewers. Now with talks of T:TSCC, Dollhouse (which average 3mill pw) about to be cancelled, can someone please shed some light on this matter for me as it has been bugging me since the great modern classic that is Pushing Daises was cruely cut short. Before T:TSCC is killed can someone please put me out of my misery. Long live the pie makers and Jameron