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2 New Clips from Episode 4.10

Here are 2 new clips from next weeks episode. clip 1 clip 2

Sneak Peek of Bellicks Funeral / The Legend

Here is a clip of the team remembering Bellick

Sneak Peek of Episode 4.10 The Legend

Check out the first sneak peek of Prison Break Episode 4.10 "The Legend"

Sneak Peek of PRISON BREAK "Greatness Achieved" airing this Monday, November 3

Check out some pictures from PRISON BREAK "Greatness Achieved" airing this Monday, November 3, at 9pm on Fox.

Promotional Photos for Episode 4.11

New Promotional Photos for episode 4.11

Prison Break 4.09 Preview

A team member makes the ultimate sacrifice in Prison Break Seasoon 4 Episode 9 Greatness Achieved. Read more.

Audition Script for Episode 4.16

Here is some script from Episode 4.16

Prison Break Set Broken Into

Sad, and messed up. The Prison Break Set was broken into

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

T-Bag is tied to a chair while Gretchen asks him about his bird book and everything he knows about James Whistler. T-Bag tells her that he met Whistler in prison and the book is a code to find Scylla. She then cuts his arm several times with a knife and tells him she's going to find Scylla with or without him. Back at the headquarters, the gang is planning their next mission of capturing Scylla from Howard Scuderi, who is in Las Vegas. Self tells the guys they have until midnight, then pulls Mahone aside to talk on the roof. He yells at Mahone for having Wyatt find him. Mahone tells him that he would be dead already if that's what Wyatt wanted. He tells Self that he should stop running, get aggressive, and take the game to them. Meanwhile, The General and Wyatt are talking about Self being the head of a snake, deciding they should take him out and make it look like an accident. Trishanne, T-Bag's former secretary, calls Bellick and tells him she knows where to find T-Bag. He goes to her then calls the gang to tell them the secretary wants more money. Michael instructs Lincoln, Sucre, Sarah and Roland to go to Vegas to find Scuderi while the rest go after T-Bag. When Michael and Mahone find Bellick, T-Bag appears and points a gun at them. He ties them up and orders them to get into his van. At the last second, Mahone jumps off the building and gets away. Michael, the secretary, and Bellick are taken to an apartment. T-Bag tells Michael to write down everything he knows about Scylla. Michael sees a card with the word Gate written on it. He asks T-Bag about it. T-Bag gets upset and grabs the secretary, telling Michael he'll kill her if he doesn't stop screwing around. Michael tells him the book is not a map, but rather a blueprint. Gretchen, who is hiding behind a wall, sees the ankle bracelet on Bellick and recognizes it as a government tracking device. She tells T-Bag about it and insists they leave. Self is going through government files, removing the Comrie Group file, when Mahone calls and tells him about T-Bag. Mahone tells Self to stick to their plan. Elsewhere, Wyatt loads up the trunk of his car with chemicals and explosives. He then goes to Self's house and finds it completely emptied out. He calls The General to inform him of his findings as Self goes to the General in person. He slams the files down on the General's desk and asks what his involvement is with the cases. The General denies any wrong doing. Self then tells him that he sent letters to 5 different attorneys stating that if anything happens to him, they have all the information they'll need to go after him. The General then offers Self a job working for him. Mahone, who is tracking Michael and Bellick, enters the apartment to find the ankle bracelets piled on the table and everyone gone. He finds an origami swan on the floor, unwraps it and sees the word Gate. T-Bag takes his prisoners to the secretary's house while Gretchen goes to Andrew Blauner, T-Bag's former 'boss'. While Michael and T-Bag look over Whistler's blueprints to find Scylla, Bellick asks the secretary if she's okay. She replies that they told her not to talk to him and he asks who's 'they'? Michael tells T-Bag that they can't find the Scylla without going back to his old office. Gretchen then pulls up with Blauner in her trunk. She reads a resignation letter he'll be sending to his company, then kills him in front of everybody, making the secretary scream. Lincoln, Sucre, Sarah and Roland arrive in Vegas and set out to find their target. The security guards watch the gang enter the casino on a monitor and recognize Roland. Sarah approaches Lincoln and tells him she's worried that she hasn't heard from Michael. Lincoln tells her about their mother who suffered from bloody noses when she was young, but then they had stopped. When she was in her 30s, they started up again and she died suddenly from a brain tumor. He tells her that Michael had bloody noses when

What's Not on Tonight?

Since many of you at SideReel have been asking, tonight's TV is missing some new episodes: There will be no new Prison Break or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX due to the World Series. CBS has also decided to air a lineup of reruns, with no new episodes of How I Met Your Mother , The Big Bang Theory , Two and a Half Men or Worst Week . However, instead of a Worst Week rerun, CBS will be reairing the Gary Unmarried pilot. CSI: Miami is also a rerun at 10.