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Hot Docs Week: Who's your favorite TV hot doc?

Sure we watch the medical shows for the interesting and sometimes cool or gross medical cases, but we also watch for that delicious drama going on around the cases with none other than quite a few hot doctors, whether McDreamy, McSteamy, or McClooney! So who's your favorite hot doc? Grey's Anatomy : Dr. Derek Shepherd Dr. Mark Sloan Dr. Alex Karev Dr. Izzie Stevens Dr. Meredith Grey Private Practice : Dr. Addison Montgomery Dr. Pete Wilder Dr. Sam Bennett Dr. Cooper Freedman House : Dr. Gregory House Dr. Lisa Cuddy Dr. Eric Foreman Dr. Robert Chase Dr. Allison Cameron Dr. Rena Hadley aka Thirteen ER : Dr. John Carter Dr. Peter Benton Dr. Doug Ross Dr. Luka Kovac Dr. Neela Rasgotra Dr. Ray Barnett Dr. Tony Gates Dr. Maggie Doyle Lost : Jack Shephard Juliet Burke Scrubs : Dr. J.D. Dorian Dr. Elliot Reid Dr. Chris Turk Dr. Perry Cox The Todd Photo courtesy of

does anyone know??

when will pushing daisies new season be out? when will private practice new season be out? when will brothers and sisters new season be out? when will greys anatomy new season be out?


okay i'm right in thinking that there isnt just 9 episodes in this season, does anyone know when the other ones will be coming out ... :D

When is it coming back!?

Anyone know?

any1 write bck plz

heeey i live in the UK and i luv greys anatomy but after i saw a bit on private practice on greys anatomy i wanted to watch it but i dont know when its coming to the Uk does any1 know :(

Private Practice On Hiatus

For juvern and other confused Private Practice fans outside of the U.S., there's a union writer's strike that has put most U.S. scripted TV shows on hold until the strike can be resolved. Private Practice is among these shows on hold, so we may be seeing more of it later this season depending on when and how the strike works out!