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And so the cycle continues

Initially, I was really disappointed with the direction that Rescue Me has taken this season, particularly with Tommy's drinking problem. I really like Tommy Gavin and want to see him happy. However, it just seems that whenever his life is going ok, he manages to screw it up somehow (i.e. his year of sobriety). At first I was annoyed that Tommy still had drinking issues and was hoping that this season would see a reconciliation between him and Janet, but now I am beginning to see the light. Tommy fell off the wagon because of the French lady and her documentary (with the footage of Jimmy). It stirred up a lot of old demons that Tommy has avoided, with the help of alcohol, for a long time. Now that I understand why he has turned back to the alcohol, I hope that this season will show Tommy making real efforts to confront his demons and let go of the past.

Episode 14 Wheels...Damn cancer kids!

Hahaha, that episode was just really funny. Usually I'd expect a more dark humor, but this time the show provided a lighter touch. I like how this show throw different things your way. TV shows, even the best, can get too formulaic. Sometimes it's so redundant that you don't really need to watch the entire episode to see where they story is going. With Rescue Me you NEED to keep watching. The little kid saying "thank you, now I can die" was just so funny in a demented way.

Denis Leary and Peter Tolan Chat on Fancast

Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know that Denis and Peter will be chatting live with fans on Fancast on 6/3/09 at 3pm EST. Please come and ask lots of questions! Here is a link to the chat- p.s. did people know that Denis is related to Conan O'Brien?! I never knew that until today.

Episode 6

Whoever searches links for the secondary sites keeps reposting last weeks episode. I've already removed ~20 links.

Minisodes Section

Just to let everyone know that I moved all the minisodes into their own section. Plus I plan on putting additional links to the minisodes as well. So enjoy.