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This show is pretty good, i'm on the fifth episode, but it's KILLING ME. IT IS SO FREAKING SLOW PACED. i can barely handle it. I don't know if its because i'm not a teenager and therefore find the angsty agonizing slowness of the show so brutal. I can barely handle the twilight movies but i even find them faster paced than this. It's like they had enough material for a half hour long show and decided they would add a lot of awkward silences and make shiri appleby speak extremely slowly in order to fill an hour. that being said, it's a cute show. i hope it picks up the pace. anyone else feel the same way?

help please

im so confused. i watched the first season of roswell on, but since they dont have the other 2 seasons i have been searching th internet for the rest of the episodes. my problem is i cant find any links! this website says it plays tvshows and so aon, but i cant seem to find a link or something to show me the show. its really very frusterating, so if anyone has any idea where i could find the second and third season, please please please tell me! :)

Roswell The Movie

I know this is probably far fetched but I am a huge fan of the ROSWELL TV SERIES. By Jason Katims The thing is Roswell was such a huge hit for so many but FOX put a halt to that years ago. There are a lot of dedicated fans out there that have several websites, poles etc. that are hoping to either have a remake of the TV series or # 1 get a movie made. Does anyone out there know if this can or will ever happen or is it just a lost cause???????

Help me with a song or two?

The first one is, "What is the name of the female singer and what is the song title in Season 1 Episode 2 'the morning after' when Liz and Max are talking about lunch in the cafeteria (35 minutes or so into the episode.)?" The second is, "What is the song title or band name when Alex and Isabelle dance in Alex's dream?"