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Scrubs is going to be changed in the next season.

"Scrubs," the beloved series we said goodbye to last month when J.D. (Zach Braff) made his exit from Sacred Heart, will return to the schedule this winter, but it won't be the same show... not at all. "Scrubs," e.p. Bill Lawrence said last week that when the sitcom comes back, it'll no longer take place in the hospital, but in a medical school with professors Cox (John C. McGinley) and Turk (Donald Faison) instead. Sacred Heart won't disappear completely though. Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk's students will end up seeing several familiar faces while doing rotations there every now and then... Braff, Sarah Chalke (Elliot), Judy Reyes (Carla) and Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) have signed on to appear as guest stars throughout the season. The med students will be comprised of actors new to the "Scrubs" family, though casting has not yet begun. Lawrence did, however, mention that ABC is encouraging them to hire one big name, someone recognizable. Sources close to the series tell me "Gilmore Girls"' Lauren Graham is currently at the top of their wish list.

The teaching of JD

Are we all bound to be repelled by the love of another man, are bound to love only the opposite sex only and do the word Bromance really exist in the dictionary (I don't know haven't checket you see i don't read the dictionanry). So should we follow the way of vanilla bear and chocolate bear and ignore the law's of manliness and love your fellow man like two woman would (really close friends not lesbian kinda thing). Believe shall we and the world would be a better place, let the word bromance spread though the world and be spoken about.

'Scrubs' Star Accused of Make-a-Wish Choke Out

If a man who worked at a Make-a-Wish event was granted a wish of his own, it would probably be that Robert Maschio from "Scrubs" didn't allegedly get drunk and choke him with his own necktie. According to a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Tom Binder claims Robert -- who plays The Todd on the show -- got smashed while tending bar at a Make-A-Wish event in Santa Monica last year. Tom -- who was working at the event -- claims Robert became so enraged when bidding on all items had come to an end, that he screamed, "You don't know who I am! I just raised $8,000 for this organization, you little piece of s**t!" That's when the suit says Robert grabbed Tom "by his necktie and began choking him, lifting Plaintiff partly off the ground and yelling even louder: 'Let's take this outside.'" Robert is being sued for assault and battery -- the plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages. ABC is also named as a defendant -- because the suit says Tom was a "celebrity representative" of "Scrubs." [spam link removed]

How were the Ratings for My Finale?

it would be good to know and also it could even mabye decide if season 9 would happen or not.

My Chief Concern

really good episode with alot of things moving along. really great way to set up the end i think with all the emotion and change. its sad that theyve made it seem like Turk and JD might not have much more of each other in their lifes.

Discuss: Favorite Episodes of Scrubs - Featured

With Scrubs (possibly) coming to a conclusion, we decided it would be fitting to share our list of our Favorite episodes of the series. See if you agree and share your own in comments! My Occurrence (1.22) - The first episode where Jordan's brother, Ben Sullivan (Brendan Fraser) appears. In this episode, though Ben is admitted for a minor accident, JD learns that he actually has leukemia...and because he likes him so much, refuses to accept it. Trivia just learned: All of the pictures Ben was taking in this episode where actually taken by Brendan Fraser! His Story (2.15) - Notice how this episode title is one of the few (7 total; 1 in each season excluding the first) episodes of the series that doesn't begin with "My"? This is the first one of these such episodes...and its narrated by Dr. Cox, who as of late is feeling all of the pressures of his job. Definitely a well thought out episode and a nice change of pace to hear a non-JD POV. My Screw Up (3.14) - I might be wrong, but I think episode is widely accepted as the finest of the series. It's the one where Jordan's brother from 1.22 returns, and spoiler alert, we ultimately learn he's dead ( so 6th Sense!). Few TV series can actually make you laugh and cry in a single 30 minutes...and this episode of Scrubs did just that. My Way Home (5.7) - A fun homage to The Wizard of Oz where Carla is searching for courage, Turk for a heart (an actual one for a patient), Elliot for brains (to lead a session that she is nervous about) and JD...well...he just wants to go home! My Lunch (5.20) - This episode, and the next I listed, go hand in hand. It's this episode that 3 patients die after organs they were supposed to receive become contaminated by rabies. This is also the episode that "The Fray's" 'How to Save a Life' plays at the end, if it helps you to remember it better. JD also doesn't want to deal with an annoying patient that he encounters outside the hospital (which turns out to be a tragic error)...and the show finally addresses the possibility of The Todd being gay. My Fallen Idol (5.21) - The follow up to "My Lunch", where after losing 3 patients, Cox decides to quit medicine and turn to booze. What's more, he finally accepts help from JD. Again, one of the few legitimate laugh/cry episodes. J.D.'s Narration: Maybe he just needed time to heal, or maybe he just needed to see how much everybody cared. But I'd like to believe that it was because of me that he was finally able to say this: Dr. Cox: You don't drink scotch. My Musical (6.6) - Few shows have ever actually pulled off the musical episode with class. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it...and Scrubs did it. My Musical was clever and funny...definitely one of the finest of the series! What are your favorite episodes of Scrubs? Would you prefer that tonight's episode actually is the series finale (the show's future still remains in limbo)?

My Finale - How do you want scrubs to end?

Ignoring the all the promo's, how do you want scrubs to end? For me: - JD & Elliot together - JD & Turk scene's - loads of them - The Janitor's name - Hug from Dr Cox - JD NOT leaving Sacred Heart's - Along with all the supporting cast guest appearances from Ben, Jill Tracy, Mrs Wilks, Julie, Gift Shop Girl, Dan, Dr Casey, Danni, Molly, Mark Espinosa, Hootch, Mrs Tanner, Dr Kevin Casey

My Cuz (spoilers)

When J.D moves, Elliott better move with him! I (and i think i can speak for majority of the scrubs fanbase when i say this) have been waiting for them to be together for 8 years! It can't end now!

What Show has your Favorite Notable Music? - Featured

Many shows have awesome music that makes a moment or even the show overall, and often even brings us great new bands and songs we would've missed out on otherwise! So of these shows and any we missed, what show is your favorite when it comes to great new music you've come to adore and can always count on from your show? Gossip Girl One Tree Hill Chuck Scrubs Supernatural Grey's Anatomy The O.C. Veronica Mars Flight of the Conchords The Hills Entourage Gilmore Girls Six Feet Under Eli Stone Kyle XY Rockville, CA Buffy The Vampire Slayer Related Stories: SideReel's Top 10 Shows with Notable Music