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lost forever. . .

I find it very disappointing and odd that the fouth and fifth season are almost devoid of links I know I've got a lot of catching up to do on the series but I really wanted to see where it ended up going. . .

Jerry O'Connell Lied to Us!

I will never watch Sliders the same way again! Actually, I was probably never going to watch Sliders again either way. But still. Jerry O'Connell was all on the red carpet last week whining about how he and Rebecca Romijn were trying to get pregnant. And guess what? She already was! You were playing a funny joke on us, Jerry. Ha ha. That was funny. You know what else is funny? You used to be fat. Rebecca is pregnant with twins, which were apparently conceived without any sort of fertility treatment. The babies are due in winter. To read up on more information, visit Evil Beet Gossip