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Survivor's Ralph: I Wish I Had Played Dirty

To hear Survivor: Redemption Island's Ralph Kiser tell it, he was one of the last standing members of the original Zapatera tribe because of his honest game play. But looking back, the 44-year-old farmer wishes he had played just the opposite. "I could have lied and done dirty things — and I wish now I had — but I just didn't," Ralph tells Kiser also talked about the advice he tried to give to Natalie Tenerelli, why he clashed with Russell Hantz from the beginning and why Ralph thought he wouldn't make it.

'Survivor': 3 Q's for Jeff Probst

Each week,  Survivor  host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Redemption Island . To me, the most telling exchange of the entire season was Natalie telling Rob, "I’m scared," and then him responding, "Don’t be scared. All you have to do is do what I say." How many alarms would be set off in your head if someone said that to you in this game?  I didn’t even pick up on that moment. Great observation. I think you have to step back and really appreciate the situation. Rob is older and has played this game four times. Natalie is the youngest to ever play and she is learning as she goes. She has attached herself to Rob and as a result I think he is the one person out there she feels she can trust. Rob on the other hand is using her to help him get to the end. It’s a win-win.  Natalie couldn’t do it on her own. She doesn’t have enough game experience or life experience. I can’t imagine myself on a show like this when I was only 19. I would have been a disaster. I’ve been very impressed with Natalie. I’m very impressed with Rob.  Sorry, what was the question? Read More...

SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND (2011) “Too Close For Comfort” Episode 13 Preview

Episode Synopsis:   One castaway gets a taste of their own   medicine   on Redemption Island, while another castaway’s plan for a big move could prove to be their biggest mistake, on   SURVIVOR : REDEMPTION ISLAND, Wednesday, May 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS   Television Network . (SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND (2011) "Too Close For Comfort" Episode 13) Read More...