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'Teen Wolf' EP Talks Stiles and Lydia Kiss, Their Future and the Reasoning Behind Argent and Melissa Hooking Up

After nearly six seasons of waiting, Teen Wolf fans finally got their wish. Stiles and Lydia are now officially a couple after their big lip-lock in the season 6A finale. Stiles and Lydia were finally reunited in "Riders on the Storm" and Lydia didn't have to say "it" (I love you) back but the two shared a very long and very passionate kiss. Teen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis sat down with TVLine to talk about the kiss and what is ahead for Stiles and Lydia for the next half of season 6.   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf's 'Chaotic' Final 10 Episodes: What Brings [Spoiler] Back to Town?

Now that youve had a full nightto process that Teen Wolf finale, what do you say to a little more scoop from the series last 10 episodes (ever)? For starters, if youre wondering why Tuesdays midseason finale ended so abruptly without giving us a taste of whats still to come executive producer Jeff []

Teen Wolf EP Dissects Biggest Finale Moments, Previews 'Dark Horror' (and Another Time Jump) in Season 6B

If you thought Tuesdays Teen Wolf felt more like a series finale than a midseason ender, theres a good reason for that. We definitely wanted to close the book on the high school chapter of their lives, executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. This season was really about honoring the character of Stiles. We knew []

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Stiles and Lydia's Emotional Finale Reunion

Whereas last weeks Teen Wolf focused on Stiles and Lydias romantic past, Tuesdays midseason finale (MTV, 9/8c) is all about their future. We knew this season was going to be our last, so we were like, Lets go for it,' executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine of the decision to have Lydia (finally!) confront her []

Sorry, Teen Wolf, but Scott and Stiles' Bromance Trumps Stydia

  In its sixth and final season, Teen Wolf was faced with its most unstoppable enemy yet: star Dylan O'Brien 's blossoming film career. To accommodate his shooting schedule, the show's writers developed a clever storyline that would allow O'Brien to step away from the supernatural drama for most of the ...Read More...

[VIDEO] 'Teen Wolf' Shows off the Return of Stiles in 'Unforgettable' Midseason Finale Trailer

The halfway point of Teen Wolf 's final season is almost here. Teen Wolf will finish up the first 10 episodes of season 6 starting on Tuesday, January 31 at 9/8c on MTV. In anticipation of the final midseason finale, MTV has released a teaser of the episode "Riders on the Storm" on the official Teen Wolf Twitter account . The trailer promises a finale that fans will never forget. Maybe most importantly, though, the teaser seemingly confirms that Stiles will have a big part in events and finally return to the series.   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Midseason Finale Trailer Reveals First Look at Stiles' Return

Hes back! Hes really, finally back! Following Tuesdays Teen Wolf, during which Scotts pack made a last-ditch effort to rescue Stiles, Dylan OBriens character is very much alive in the official trailer for the Jan. 31 midseason finale (MTV, 9/8c). Of course, Stiles presence isnt the only reason this trailer is getting us excited. The []

What Did You Think of The Reveal of Stiles' First Name on 'Teen Wolf?'

A series-long mystery has been solved on Teen Wolf . Stiles' first name has finally been revealed. At the tail end of the latest episode, "Blitzkrieg," we finally learned Stiles' real name. Stiles is no longer Stiles Stilinski, his full name isMieczyslaw Stilinski. ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Finally Reveals Stiles' First Name and It's Definitely Unexpected

Mischief managed. Teen Wolf finally solved one of its biggest mysteries in the Jan. 17 episode, finally revealing Stiles' (Dylan O'Brien) real first name, and it's safe to say... ...Read More...

5 Reasons We Miss Stiles on 'Teen Wolf' Season 6

It is not really Teen Wolf 's fault that the final season of the show has, so far, been largely missing one of the show's most important characters. Due to actor Dylan O'Brien's commitment to The Maze Runner movie franchise (and his subsequent injury on that set) Stiles had to be quasi-written off of Teen Wolf season 6. While his friends and family have finally remembered him, Stiles has only appeared in two episodes in the final season. It's unfair to hold Teen Wolf accountable for Stiles' absence given the behind-the-scenes complications but it doesn't make the character any less missed. Here are five reasons we hope Stiles returns to Teen Wolf season 6 as soon as possible. ...Read More...