mad hacking skillz

i just had to comment on the whole hacking the brain chip.... sticking it in a pci slot? john gets some 1337 video cards from his friend with some tera size throughput and they are nowhere to be seen on the socket-a looking board as hes overvolting the pci slots saying the cpu cant handle it. for one, 2.5v is undervolting a 5v pci slot..all this good stuff is going through a crossover cable or something into his dell laptop to view it. i think they coulda made up some non existant cool looking connectors or at least made the setup look more interesting.. ok the cheapy acrylic psu was an attempt. and looking again i see some trippy boxes plugged into the ide with a usb coming out the other end - ok thats kinda cool. it could have been at least funny if he had some oldschool voodoo pre-sli action going

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 8 - Vick's Chip

Can someone put the episode 8 Vick,s Chip i really want to watch it and it has been shown already so it most be out there

great show

I think this is one of the best shows this season actually one of the best new shows in a while.....the storyline keeps getting better and at the end of every episode i'm left asking myself what next......I hope this show will last a long time to come


this show is awesome.

season 1 episode 2

Not bad, i guess this is where it starts to get thick into the plot and what not. The pilot episode was guns blazing and explosions everywhere. This was a calm, cool and collected side of the mother of all mothers. Lets see what episode 3 has to offer.