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Season One Episode 7 is incorrect. someone help!

so I haven't seen the L word for a long long long long time and decided to start it for the summer. Well the link for episode 7 of season one is wrong. Instead the links show episode 6, anyone know where I can see the real episode 7??

Discuss: L Word Series Finale - Featured

Calling all L Word fans! Groundbreaking and critically acclaimed as it was, The L Word is not a show that the SideReel editors have managed to keep up with. So, we leave it up to you to discuss last night's series finale. Thus far, it has received some negative feedback. AfterEllen.com called the finale "lame, lacking (and) legacy-tarnishing." What did you think? Was the conclusion satisfying? Were too many questions left unanswered? Let us know!

The Last episode?

Is Last Couple standing the finale episode? I hope not I don't wanna see The L Word end just yet it's getting really good.

last song in LMFAO

hey does anybody know the name of that last song playing while the episode was closing?

Tara or Dana?

To all Showtime fans, L Word fans and newly United States of Tara fans!! Is it just me or sometimes Toni Collet makes some Dana Fairbanks faces?? I don'T know if it's the look or the nose or whatever, but sometimes I see Dana in thoses mimics...maybe I'm just too nostalgic. So what do you think? Does anyone agree or disagree?

Did Alice kill Jenny??

Who killed Jenny is suppose to be a "big" surprise for everyone. The thing is, Showtime already annonced a few week ago that the spin-off series of The L Word staring Leisha Hailey will take place in prison. The question now is : Why would Alice go to jail if she's not the one who killed Jenny?? I guess it can't be because of her deathrace with poor old Dana... What do you think? And why would you think she is in prison if it's not for that??


I was just wondering if the summaries of the season 6 episodes were real, I mean it hasn't premiered yet right?

season 6

does any one know if or when season 6 is coming out?

WTF, I cant live without L word

Some of the links dont work on this site. i find ones that do but, for Season 3 Ep 12, NONE of the links work except for one. and that one is only for the first half of the episode. i tried youtube too, its not there. wat am i suppose to do???? i cant just skip the second half of the final episode in season 3!!! AH help please???

Episode 11

Bette & Jodi's break up took up too much time this episode. Break up and be done with it! That Adele got Jenny really good! Jenny had been a B***H to her and many people around. I feel bad for Jenny but not too bad. I guess I'm a meanie! Kit...needs to get her emotions together. She shouldn't have gone over there in the first place she should've called the woman who owns half (or more than half) and got the facts. Kit needs to get a grip..I'm over her. Ohhh Shane how I love thee..Sexy ass! Tasha is my girl she is so cool and Alice talks too much but she's cute! I hope they can last..they make a very nice couple. Just my thoughts. I love the L word!