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You do know that The Middleman rocks.


The Middleman was so aweful that I couldn't even get through the entire pilot. Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) plays a starving artist with amazing abilities who teams up with The Middleman to "solve exotic problems." This is the absolute worst casting possible for Morales. A role more suitable for her might be a high-school teen drama, where her sarcasm and superficial quips would be more appropriate. The scenes were very cliche and it's not clear what exactly the show is aiming for. Some of the scenery (including Middleman's costume) is like the old batman episodes, with Middleman's lair emulating the batcave - complete with antiquated affluent charm and expensive spy-gadgets. However the show adds in James Bond-like scenes, albeit with kitchy duo poses and miraculous operations by the Middleman. Both the subtlety and charm of old batman and the modern sexiness of Bond are unfortunately missed due to third-rate acting, lack of coherence, and bad writing. The one saving grace is the fine acting of Matt Keeslar, who seems better cast in his super-hero role. This show is amateurish and is not worthy to be on the same website as such unbelievable shows as Law and Order SVU, Secret Diary of a Call Girl or The Office (to name some of my faves).

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