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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a petition in hopes of getting The Riches to return in the fall? I am not sure where to start, but would love to help if anyone knows where to start! This is the best show I have seen in ages, and I would love to have them bring it back. Maybe they just need to see how many fans are really out there!

Season 2 Episode 1

I can't find a link to the whole episode. The links posted are only half the episode. Does anyone have the full episode?

New episode

I just added the new episode...a bit slow to load bit it's here! :)

The Riches

The RICHES are one of the feww shows that I can not miss. Funny how now I watch more cable than netywork TV. breaking bad on AMC and on FX, THE RICHES, THE SHIELD. I an really hoping for a normal season 3 of THE RICHES. You can not beat Minnie and Eddie in these rolls...

Episode 3

Does anyone know if where there is a link to episode 3? The ones on here won't work for me. I'm out of thr area.

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