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Thank You for a FULL SEASON and for the best Vampire show on anywhere in YEARS, since Buffy. Did anyone watch the remake of Dark Shadows that Ben Cross did in the 90s? They had the BEST ending then cancelled it before we could find out what happened, the same thing they are doing on Flash Forward now, so KUDOS to the Vampire Diaries!!!

Vampire Diaries: Take a Bite out of Time- season finale cliff hanger

The CW is not disappointed with the television experiment that paid off- and as a result they announced to a few hundred of their favorite TV industry peeps that the Vampire Diaries are back! This fall both sides of immortality are explored as our protagonist has to decide whether she is satisfied with the love of good brother or if she can't resist her craving to bring evil around to the light side. Regardless of what's best or how her friends push her-only she knows where her heart will lead her this season. Though the executives at the CW were not going to give up any spoliers- rest assured that you will not be disappointed with your favorite brother and the object of his affection when they return this fall 2010. But it's not all about what the heart wants. it's also what the appetite demands and with drama, hormones and blood thirsty babes roaming your town- somebody is going to die. But doesn't that just make the life you live all the more exciting? To keep you on a drip until the new season flips- The CW has a summer full of teasers lined up to quench your thirst!

Damon and Elena

After watching tonights episode (Miss Mystic Falls), did anyone else fall in love with the idea of a Damon Elena relationship? Because I sure did...

Am I the only one here?? *Spoiler Alert*

Ok, so at the end of "Let the Right One in", it showed Stefan drinking all this human blood and I got really dissapointed...I mean he was the good guy and now it seems like he's turning into this monster or something. What do you guys think?

Werewolfs in Mystic Falls?

So I just watched the T-Mobile Connections for the Vampire Diaries. ( I was watching the Tyler Lockwood one, when I came up with a theory. Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf. Typically, werewolfs are described as "people" with big tempers. In the episode "The Turning Point" (I think) after Tyler and Jeremy kinda fight, the scene ends with Tyler walking away, but the camera is includes the full moon in the shot. I believe the is forshadowing for future events. Personally, I think having werewolfs in Mystic Falls would assciate Vampire Diaries more with Twilight. So I don't like the idea of having werewolfs in Vampire Diaries. Although, interesting fact: There are vampires and werewolfs in Twilight, werewolfs and witches in Harry Potter, wheras Vampire Diaries has witches, vampires, and possibly even werewolfs. What do you think? Is Tyler a werewolf? Is the whole Lockwood family hiding a secret? What do you think of werewolfs in Mystic Falls?

National Cheerleading Week: Save the Cheerleader or... Kill the Cheerleader? - Featured

Okay, so killing cheerleaders sounds a little morbid and like that's Sylar's job, but let's face it: TV and movie cheerleaders walk a thin line between cool and sexy and insanely annoying and bitchy. Since it's National Cheerleading Week here in the US of A, we thought we'd have a little fun with our favorite and/or most annoying TV cheerleaders by playing a game, kill-"bonk"-marry style. Inspired by the fact that Heroes ' Claire Bennet, the source of the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" plotline/catch-phrase, has become one of the very most annoying cheerleader characters ever on TV (in my opinion, anyway) here's the game - and we're talking characters, here, not the lovely actresses - save the cheerleader or kill the cheerleader? While many of these characters have renounced or grown out of their cheerleading days, they were at one point bouncy little cheerleaders. Now we want to know which of these one-time (or forever) cheerleader characters you adore, so you would save if put in a situation like that of Hiro and Peter on the good old days of Heroes, or you would kill (maybe not as brutal as Sylar-style), for being an intolerable cheerleader character. Here's our list of popular characters who are or were cheerleaders, so copy the list (and add your own from shows we've missed), paste it in your comment, then note next to each who you'd save and who you'd kill! Heroes - Claire Bennet Glee - Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, Brittany Friday Night Lights - Lyla Garrity One Tree Hill - Peyton, Brooke, Haley Vampire Diaries - Elena, Caroline The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Grace Bowman Smallville - Lana Lang Dawson's Creek - Jen 10 Things I Hate About You (TV) - Bianca, Chasity Enjoy in good fun and happy national cheerleading week!

Just Started Watching First Episode...(Sigh)

Although the opening scene (first 2 mins) was entertaining, it almost exactly resembled the scene from supernatural season 1's "Dead Man's Blood" where a vampire lied down on the road and a guy who "Almost" hit him stopped to see if he was ok, the vampire responds by attacking him very similar to the vampire diaries (Except done better by vampire diaries...), however to top it off the voice of some guy saying hes a vampire (Remember ive only watched 2 mins of the show) is talking while the car drives along the road where as in "Dead Man's Blood" of Supernatural, John (Sam And Dean's Dad) is explaining vampire's as the car the victim is driving passes the screen.

COMPLETED: Hottest Boys of The CW: Nominate Your Favorite CW Hotties! - Featured

Nominations are now complete. Vote in Round 1: Hottest Boys of The CW, Round 1: Jensen Ackles vs. Chace Crawford With some of our favorite shows on The CW returning this week including One Tree Hill , Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural , we want to know of all those eye-candy-licious boys running around on CW shows, who is the hottest of them all! Of course they have excellent personalities too that you're welcome to factor in your nominations, but when it comes to who you look forward to drooling over every week, we want to know if you feel there's just no other like one of the Winchester boys on Supernatural , Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki, or if you swoon only for the likes of Gossip Girl 's Chace Crawford or One Tree Hill 's James Lafferty. Nominate all your favorite dreamy CW boys in the comments below! Nominations will run Monday 1/18 - the afternoon of Wednesday 1/20. The guys with the most nominations will then move on to Round 1 of the CW hottness showdown!

A question...

What are the books called: that this show is based on??

Song Question!

Does anybody know the name of the song and the group who sung the last song of episode 6. Something about fall down?