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there are 0 links for season 3 episode 12....this is crazy what goin on here im dyin to find out what happened please if you have any mercy upload it!!

Weeds, Breaking Bad, The Wire: Who's the Coolest Drug Dealer of Them All? - Featured

Now that we've hit the lighter summer TV season, I've been catching up on favorites I let slide during the fall TV season, and also catching those shows on my to-watch list. So while recently catching up on the amazing finale of Breaking Bad , digging into Season 1 of Weeds , and devouring Season 4 of The Wire , I began to wonder how my TV world became so packed full of not only drug-related shows, but unusual drug dealers! Breaking Bad and Weeds are especially atypical in that they feature suburbanites thrown into drug dealing under unfortunate circumstances. Both drug dealing main characters find themselves in desperation to make lots of money, and fast. The Wire , on the other hand, has some more typical drug dealers on the rough streets of Baltimore, but still has some intriguingly unusual guys like Stringer Bell who attends business classes at a community college to learn to be a better businessman in his particular line of business. So, while of course we're all smart enough (and learn enough lessons from the trouble these guys and gals do get in) to know drugs and drug dealing is not cool, these shows all provide some absolutely intriguing characters and plotlines circulating around a fascination with these unusual drug dealers and their stories, and let's face it - these characters in the TV world, are seriously cool in their toughness and creative ways of entering and dealing with the drug world. So, in that light, who would you say is the coolest, most clever, most intriguing, and unusual drug dealer of them all? Feel free to add in anyone I've missed! Weeds - Nancy Botwin Breaking Bad - Walter White The Wire - Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale, Omar Little Who else?

Season 1 episode 9

anybody know of a working link?

The Wire Season 1?

If anyone could add a link to where the first episode would be located that would be great.

Season 5 Dissapointment!

I am preety dissapointed that hardly any links are popping up for what is,in my opinion, the greatest tv show ever!! iv seen the first 5 episodes but am still yet to see 6 7 and 8! would really appreciate it if someone could put them on here.or if not does anyone know any good sites to get the episodes from,iv literally sat here for hours trying to find them! any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance