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Who do you think is the murderer??

(For people who haven't read the book) *Please don't spoil if you know!* - 2 women have been killed so far - Is the murderer trying to set up Sookie's brother? - Do you think the murderer is a vampire? Or that nest of vampires? - Both of the murder victims had sex with Sookie's brother AND vampires - That dog is always around when bad things happen, could it be an evil vampire that can change shape? (far fetched yes lol) - Her boss is jealous that she's seeing a vampire, it could be him trying to set up Bill.. Those are just a bunch of random thoughts on who/what could be responsible for the murders. What do you think?


does anyone know who sings the song for the opening scene, also i love the show im curious how the main plot going to develope, but only thing is that the fang placement is a bit odd the vampires seem more like bugs bunny, but other wise it great and i want to find out that song/singer


Anyone else the acting in this episode was overdone? I really think this was a crappy episode and that isnt looking good.

Giveaway: TRUE BLOOD Prize Pack

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Did they replace Tara?

It looks after one episode, Tara, a light-skinned africian american girl. Now in episode 2, replacing her is a different africian american girl. I like the first one, the attitude suited her. Did she get replaced, or is there 2 characters with the same name?

Has True Blood Sucked You In?

While I'm not a vampire show fanatic, I've found myself strangely drawn to True Blood and have really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. I think what I most enjoy is Sookie's character as she's endearing plus very intelligent and intriguing, and I really think her acting and character are the main draw of the show so far. So vampire fans and non-vampire fans, what do you think? After watching the 2nd episode, are you a total True Blood fan or are you still waiting for more vampirey-goodness to satisfy you? Personally, I'm happy with the level of vampire weirdness, but do you need more or less to keep watching?

Which is better? True Blood or Fringe? (no Moonlight comments please)

Both have potential... But which is better?!?!?

Painting in the office at Merlotte's

Could it be a clue? Take a look at at the painting in the office of Merlotte's. When Sam takes Sookie in to talk to her in episode to they briefly freeze on the painting. The painting is of a young blond child being watched over in a field by a dog. Suspiciously the dog looks similar to the one we have seen many times and the child could be a young Sookie. We know she is not what she seems (just a bar waitress) but could the old painting be a clue? Thoughts?